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Average Member Rating: 3.76/5

Media Scripts Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 9th June 2009

Rating: 1 - Poor

This review is predicated on the dismal/non-existent post purchase assistance. Successfully utilizing the software we purchased was totally dependent on after the purchase "paid" modifications. Such services, we were explictly told, were readily available.

However, that has turned out to be false. If you are considering purchasing this product with the potential need for future Media Script support, assistance....DONT.

nathanh8 Sat, 13th June 2009

At MediaScripts our customers satisfaction is our number one priority at all times and we dedicate our efforts fully to supporting our scripts in all aspects. As the author of this review is anonymous we are unable to contact them to follow-up, however we would greatly appreciate if they could contact us directly so that we can assist them.

10 of 10 Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 13th September 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I have tried a lot of diferents cms, and SocialMedia2 is by far one of the best of all products i ever found on the web.

But it has another really deluxe value: their alwais kind suport team and directly from the programmer of the cms, you can really not find better support.

Actually i running 5 licences of their scripts and for sure we will work togeter with them again.

best script on the market Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 6th August 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

hi all , after trying several other scripts I liked this one and
I purchased it in march
all I can say is excellent , it has all futures you need for your social network , player is the best here , updates coming often , support is faster then the light , they are a lot of mods available and a lots of integrations (I like integration with vBulletin at most)
I recommend this script for everyone who want to start his own social network site

Loaded with features Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 26th July 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

It's difficult to explain just how powerful this script really is. It is loaded with features, has fantastic support, an active user and mod community, and won't break the bank. You cannot go wrong with this script. You'll have every tool to build a massive community with ease. Visit the site and see for yourself.

Social Media Review Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 25th July 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

This is one of the best scripts I use in a long time. After buying so many different YouTube clones, I found that most of them have bugs and no support. SM is well worth the money, when you consider that it comes with so many nice features and has great support. If your looking to start a video site then this script is for you.

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