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Magento 2 Surcharge
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Pricing & Promotion)

Charge customers’ orders with additional charges and fees as small order fee, group surcharge, country & region fee and product surcharge with Magento 2 Surcharge by MageComp.


Auto Related Products
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Shopping Cart)

Now eliminate the need to manually relate the products for your Magento store.


Magento 2 Refund Request
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Customer Service)

Provide customers an easy way to request for refund of the products they purchase from your Magento store.


Card Design Tool
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Content Management)

Get Brush Your Ideas, one of the most advanced Magento business & greeting card designer extensions for web to print industry. BYI is responsive and HTML5 based.


Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

Display real time sales and orders notification to your online website visitors with Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification.


Magento 2 Save Cart
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Shopping Cart)

Allow customers to save shopping cart in “My Account” section to purchase products in future or to duplicate previous orders.


Our Team Magento 2 Extension
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Administration)

Our Team Magento 2 extension takes care of all details of the team members like name, photo, description and email, etc.


Magento 2 Matrix Rates
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Shipping)

Customize shipping rates on your store in combination with quantity, weight, price and destination with Magento 2 Matrix Rates.


Tranzila Payment - Magento 2
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Payments & Gateways)

Payment method uses the Tranzila payment gateway for credit card processing Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB


Magento 2 Hide Price
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Pricing & Promotion)

Magento 2 Hide Price by MageComp allows hiding product prices and add to cart button for not logged in users and specific customer groups.


Free Ajax Login extension for Magento 2
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Content Management)

Magento 2 Ajax Login extension allows customers to instantly log in via their social accounts such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter without reloading the page.


Magento 2 Delivery Date Scheduler Extension
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Checkout)

Delivery date scheduler extension allows Magento 2 store customers to select their order delivery dates & time as per their convenience from a set of allowed dates.


Magento Knowledge Base (FAQ Pro) extension by MageHit
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Content Management)

Magento Knowledge Base (FAQ Pro) extension is professional version of Magento FAQ extension


Magento Quick View extension by MageHit
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Widgets)

Quickly view product details and add products to cart right from the pop-up window with Quick View extension for Magento by MageHit


Magento 2 Advance Shop By Brand Extension
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Catalog)

Advance Shop By Brand Magento 2 Extension allows store admin to add brand logo & details for displaying it in store so customers can buy preferred brand products.


Magento Product Labels extension by MageHit
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Pricing & Promotion)

Easily display Hot (Best Seller) products label, Sale off products label, Featured products label, New products label... with Product Labels extension for Magento by MageHit


Magento Banner Slider extension by MageHit
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Pricing & Promotion)

Banner Slider extension for Magento by MageHit makes your website more eyes catching with 11 different banners, easy to use and convenient to manage


Events Manager Magento 2 Extension
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Shopping Cart)

The Events Manager Magento 2 extension help us to display latest events to visitors on website.


Magento Advanced Search Extension by MageHit
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Search)

Easily and quickly searching and approaching information on your website with Magento Advanced Search extension by MageHit


Magento Store Locator Extension by MageHit
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Customer Service)

Store Locator Extension for Magento by MageHit helps to display information of all stores and gives customers directions to stores through Google Maps


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