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International Text Date

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

International Text Date is a PHP script for displaying the date in your selected language. Currently supported languages include En, Fr, De, Es and Se.

Rated 4.33 out of 5

Views: 11,592

Added On: Sun, 13th August 2000

ADOdb Date and Time Library

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

PHP native date functions use integer timestamps for computations. Because of this, dates are restricted to the years 1901-2038 on Unix and 1970-2038 on Windows due to integer overflow for dates beyond those years. This library was developed to overc...

Rated 4.08 out of 5

Views: 3,270

Added On: Mon, 27th January 2003

dateRange Class for PHP

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

dateRange is a simple php class designed to help you determine if a date is in a given range.

You can create a new dateRange with a start date and an end date. You can also optionally give it a name and create a list of dates that ar...

Rated 4.00 out of 5

Views: 2,303

Added On: Sun, 27th January 2008

GMT Converter

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

This class can be used to Convert time between zones defined in a MySQL database.

It can lookup in a MySQL database table for time zone offsets relative to GMT given the zone identifier.

The class can convert date and ti...

Rated 3.89 out of 5

Views: 704

Added On: Sun, 9th August 2009


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

This script does not use the GD library. All PNG generation code, including CRC checksum calculation and ZLIB-implementation, is pure PHP3. You can use it as a benchmark (because it's slow), or as a quick reference for implementing a simple PNG-file ...

Rated 3.67 out of 5

Views: 17,462

Added On: Mon, 1st May 2000

PHP Script Timer

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

Measure PHP execution time using this small and simple script. PHP typically executes very quickly, though some code takes significant time to execute, i.e. retrieving and parsing remote files, image manipulations, complex and/or multiple SQL queries...

Rated 3.56 out of 5

Views: 5,795

Added On: Mon, 22nd May 2006

RD Week(end) message

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

Message depending on the day of the week
Basicly is made to show visitors a message on friday introducing the weekend and in the days of the week end telling them to enjoy there day You may add more ifs as much as u need

Rated 3.56 out of 5

Views: 1,117

Added On: Sat, 20th January 2007

Analogic Clock

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

Analogic Clock is a PHP script for displaying an analog clock on your Web page. It uses the GD library to create the clock image on the fly.

Rated 3.33 out of 5

Views: 30,236

Added On: Sun, 13th August 2000

Ultimate Date Time Script

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

This is ultimate date script which can help you to insert date and time in any of your php scripts with inbuilt 12 formats which ca easily be scaled up. Options to add custom messages have been implemented for more friendliness.

Rated 3.29 out of 5

Views: 5,025

Added On: Mon, 23rd November 2009

Php My Age - Automatic Updater For Your Age

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

Are you tired of having to update your profile to your website every time you make your Birthday? This script is for you! This simple php script, once configured, allows you to have your age automatically updated without you having to edit your profi...

Rated 3.26 out of 5

Views: 2,060

Added On: Fri, 30th December 2011

Page Load Time

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

This script gives you all the required code to insert your page load time at the bottom of your pages.

Rated 3.21 out of 5

Views: 8,325

Added On: Fri, 10th June 2005

Display human friendly relative dates and times

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

One of the really lovely features that social sites like Twitter and Facebook give to users is a nice friendly way of displaying relative dates and times. For example:

"1 hour ago"
"Next Tuesday"
"Next month"

Rated 3.13 out of 5

Views: 2,903

Added On: Fri, 18th June 2010


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

PHP-Classes for easier handling of Date-, Time-, DateTime- and Timspan-Values in different formats

can calculate, convert, display, format any form of ISO, DIN, UK, US, Unix-Timestamp, MySQL-Timestamp

Rated 2.89 out of 5

Views: 13,954

Added On: Thu, 6th May 2004


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

A set of several date/time computations is performed by the PHP class: it finds the days between two dates, the gaps between two times, checks bisextile years, the days from the begin or to the end of an year.

Rated 2.77 out of 5

Views: 1,546

Added On: Tue, 26th February 2008


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

This class can be used to format times and dates in Arabic.

It implements functionality similar to PHP date function. It takes as parameters a timestamp integer value and a date format string.

The class returns a strin...

Rated 2.59 out of 5

Views: 2,247

Added On: Wed, 19th September 2007

Working with Dates beyond 2038 in PHP4/5

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

A PHP Date Class Library for converting timestamps beyond the year 2038. This script can also perform a few String to Time functions.

Rated 2.53 out of 5

Views: 1,419

Added On: Sat, 9th August 2008

Determine Age In Years Given Date Of Birth PHP Function

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

Calculating an age given a person's date of birth may seem simple, but coding the logic in PHP required a bit of planning. After noticing that similar posted functions that claim to Determine Age In Years Given Date Of Birth PHP functions FAILLED to ...

Rated 2.37 out of 5

Views: 2,060

Added On: Wed, 2nd January 2008

Digital Clock

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

This is a PHP script for displaying the current time in a digital clock on your web page. It uses individual digit images for the clock, and does not require any special library.

Rated 2.33 out of 5

Views: 49,977

Added On: Sun, 13th August 2000

Free PHP Date Range Script

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

Web Date Range script that can be included in any web page. Script checks for valid dates and return correct dates ."Invalid date" message will be shown on choosing invalid date range. User can select dates as today, yesterday, etc or choose between ...

Rated 2.11 out of 5

Views: 1,290

Added On: Thu, 21st January 2010


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDate & Time

A quick and easy to use Birthday reminder. Get automated email reminders using PHP, MySQL and Perl. With PHPBirthday you can add, delete and modify a database of users with an easy to use web control panel.

Rated 2.03 out of 5

Views: 1,011

Added On: Sun, 20th January 2013