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Mailing List Managers

Collection of commercial and free PHP mailing list and newsletter scripts. These scripts will allow you to send batch emails to a list of subscribers and usually offer features like auto-responders, list management, bounce processing and tracking/statistics reporting.
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It is great for newsletters. It is very easy to use. No need for a database. You can manage your clients, write and sand messages to them. The TinyMCE HTML Editor allows you to send html messages.
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Mailchimp Dashboard
View and manage your Mailchimp lists using this web based script. Easy setup, no database required. This taps into your mailchimp account using the API. The goal is to allow quick changes to lists (subscribe, unsubscribe), and view stats for each list (# campaigns, opens, clicks, etc.) without logging into mailchimp.
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PriceUSD 5.99
MailMachinePRO email marketing software includes everything you need to easily manage your mailing lists and send professional email campaigns. There are no monthly or per email fees, and MailMachinePRO installs on your web server for complete control. The software includes key features such as: free and instant setup, unlimited mailing lists and subscribers, personalized emails, autoresponders, email throttling, split tests, event triggers, conditional logic personalization, advanced tracking and reports, double opt-in, multi-language support, white label, and much more! Whether its available features, support, or ease-of-use, MailMachinePRO offers the most for your money. Learn more about what makes MailMachinePRO the choice for people who are serious about using email marketing to grow their business.
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PriceUSD 59.00
PHP Newsletter & Mailing List Script
Now with Webbiscuits Newsletter, you have the Delivery Schedule and Bulk Sending algorithm that we have developed to solve your problems. Newsletter is the mailing list application that you need as the marketing tool on the Internet. Incorporate the subscription form on your website and let your visitors sign up themselves for your latest news. Next, what will happen if you wish to broadcast your newsletter to ten or hundred thousands of subscribers? Either your email program will get timed out or crashed! Key Features Supported Easy-to-Use Back-End System Write HTML or Text-based Newsletter Newsletter Subscription Broadcast Newsletter Delivery Schedule Anti-Spam With Image Verification Bulk Sending Algorithm
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 24.00
Free Email Newsletter Software
iKode Newsletter Software is a web-based newsletter software and email marketing software used to start your email marketing campaigns and help you keep constant contact with subscribers. For the Site License, you can start your email marketing service based on our software. Payment module included in the software.
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PriceUSD 69.95
Invite Manager
Users have the opportunity to register their interest in your product or service so that you may contact them with an invite code when you are ready to start rolling out your service. Once you have launched your site or service you can enable public registrations at which point the script inherits all of the functionality offered by the ‘User / Member Manager’. Features Include: Features / What you get Users can enter their email address and can be notified with an invite code when you are ready to launch your project. Users can login using their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Windows Live or Google accounts Users can also register an account Email verification for registering users And more...
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PriceUSD 10.00
Mailing List Manager Pro
[ FREE AND INSTANT SETUP ]: We will set it up for you without any extra charge. [ ADVANCED TRACKING REPORTS ]: Track click-throughs, open rate, bounced emails and get detailed mailing stats. [ WHITE LABEL ]: Use our software as service for your clients. Make any changes to meet your personal needs. [ LATEST TECHNOLOGIES ]: Custom fields, large email lists support, multiple users with custom permissions, spam analyzer, multiple IPs and lots of other great features. [ PRIORITY SUPPORT ]: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! At your service all the time. [ FREE UPDATES ]: Send us your comments, we love it! Get free updates based on your feedback. Get maximum ROI of your email marketing with Mailing List Manager Pro. Check out our FREE ONLINE DEMO now!
(53 ratings)
PriceUSD 79.00
Subscriber Traffic Pop
The revolutionary Traffic Pop idea has been extended into a whole new category with email subscriptions! More emails = more traffic = more $$$$! Features: Easy to use jQuery Plugin means installation and configuration is a breeze! HTML5 email form uses built in browser validation AJAX form submit with return support Locks all background page usability Timeless, clean design Beautiful fade in / fade out effects Fully documented included commented source files Works with any type of site and newsletter form processor with support for custom close buttons on callback
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PriceUSD 4.00
AJAX EasyNewsletters
Features: Highly secured, password protected (encrytped sql data, SQLinject prevention, fake email prevention…) WYSIWYG editor (+ HTML source code editor) = can write nice emails without any programming knowledge! Just like in MS Outlook! Import thousands of emails from TXT file just in second! Translation ready Supports any language (all special characters) (including arabic, russian, chinese, czech and all the others) Fast sending Sends through SMTP server Easy to implement to any webpage Easy emails managment – You can remove emails easily and fast! And more...
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PriceUSD 13.00
simpleContact Pro – contact form and mailing list
Easy to install and integrate, simpleContact Pro is made by an experienced web designer with a focus on the features that really matter: Contact form builder: A user friendly browser interface helps you build a form with the custom fields that you need, in any order. Form input validation: Client-side JavaScript prevents human error and server-side checks help keep the spammers at bay. Mailing list opt-in: Choose a single or a double opt-in mailing list and collect email addresses for marketing activities. CSV data export: Export your messages and mailing list to CSV files from the admin to use that data with other applications. Personalised autoresponder: Setting up an automatic response email is easy. Personalise the message with the user’s name.
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PriceUSD 11.00
Mailing Master - Bulk Emails Sender
These are some of the features: Can handle huge mailing list (live tested with 30k+ addresses). Correctly sets email headers. Sends mixed txt/html emails. (pear mail only) Remote HTML parsing. This means that Mailing Master can send a webpage with ease as well as a local file. Avoids mail server congestion with the power of Ajax. Mails are sent in chunks, a progressbar will show the advancement of the process. And more...
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PriceUSD 12.00
Email Marketing Manager
This Email Marketing Manager script is useful for handling News letter and email marketing campaigns effectively. It will be very helpful if more than one person are collecting email address from multiple sources. Bulk upload option helps to add lot of emails easily. It includes Admin section for sending bulk emails. Find below the Key Features/Facts * Web Based application. Can access from anywhere in the world. * Use php & mySql which are free and open-source. * Admin module for seeing reports and managing email marketing campaigne * Handling duplicate emails easily. * Options available to virtualy Delete, Reset and mark as "sent" * FCK Editor to use HTML tags easily. * Easy and flexible Cron Job management for scheduling your email campaigns. * Assistance for setting up this script
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PriceUSD 15.00
PHPKode Newsletter X - Email Marketing Software
PHPKode Newsletter is a web-based, easy-to-use PHP newsletter software and email marketing software created to manage your mailing list and start your email marketing campaigns. It is easy to integrate into any website to help you keep constant contact with subscribers and customers.
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PriceUSD 9.95
PHP Newsletter Management Script
PHP Newsletter Script Software is a powerful web-based E-mail Marketing software that will allow you to easily design HTML and text based newsletters, deliver personalized emails to your target audiences through mailing lists, and improve your business by boosting your e-mail advertising and communication. You can also use PHP Newsletter Script to start your own Newsletter Service,create different membership plans, charge your customers by periods or by number of newsletters sent and more.
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PriceUSD 250.00
Mailing List Manager (Flatfile)
Mailing List Manager is a very powerful flatfile, mass mailing script, written in PHP which does NOT require any SQL database. 1. Simple subscribers sign up for, for quick, no hassle subscribing. 2. Validation and confirmation of every subscription email address entered. 3. Resend activation form allowing subscribers to have the activation email resent to them. 4. Audio and visual captcha code on sign up form, which can be enabled or disabled. 5. Secure admin control panel to manage subscribers and mailings. 6. Option to add multiple emails via the admin CP. 7. Search and delete email addresses via admin CP. 8. Seperates active and inactive email addresses for easy managment. 9. Captcha manager, allowing you to design your own unique captchas. 10. Send multipart emails (both text and html versions) along with multiple file attachments. 11. Email tracking which logs when the html version of the email is read. 12. Loging of read html emails with IP2Country.....
(11 ratings)
PriceGBP 5.00
Newletter Mailer
Subscriber Management -Create custom standalone or iframe subscription forms -Subscribers can be imported from an other database using mysql querys connection -Group subscribers using categories -Subscribers can be imported from CSV files Newsletter Management -Create professional newsletters templates SmartyTM template engine. -Application automatically detects missing images which can be replaced using an upload field -The Newsletter Mailer optimizes the newsletter template for mailing (convert relative image paths to absolute paths, integrate css as inline style) -Newsletter tracking and URL tracking. You can see if your newsletters where opened and which links where clicked. -Newsletter campaign -Send to Friend Link Newsletter sending -Newsletter are sent using a SMTP Server. -Mails sent per connection can be limited. -A wait period can be defined between two connections. -Detect rejected newsletters using bounce mails (IMAP,POP3)
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PriceUSD 14.00
Animus Mailing List
This script allows you to create mailing lists that your customers can opt in to. Additionally, when you send out something to your mailing list you have the option of archiving it -- meaning that people who aren't on your mailing list can see what you sent. Keeping in touch with your customers is key to keeping them your customers, and this script helps you do just that. Whether you intend to use it to inform your customers of upcoming events or just to entertain people, this script should be perfectly suited for your needs. The script is also designed to be painfully simple to operate, you don't even need to know HTML to get it working! It's free to install with links back to my site, so why not give it a shot?
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The Simple Newsletter System
Easy to use newsletter system written in PHP . Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your member database. * BIG FEATURE : Newsletter campaign (ie: schedule a series of newsletters to be sent) * Progress made on bounce tracking feature * Upgraded phpMailer and a few other tweaks to support PHP5 better * Automatic “update available” notification so you don’t miss out on future features * Few general cleanups (ie: better summary of newsletter statistics on home page) * Option to allow users to subscribe to campaigns from embedded form * Easily resume a previously paused newsletter send * CRON feature to process newsletter campaigns * Better support for those people with 10,000+ members in their system.
(6 ratings)
PriceUSD 12.00
YrMail - Simple Mailer
Actually, most of newsletter systems embed a WYSIWYG and sometimes a way to template some newsletters. With YrMail, you can skip that. Professionnals newsletters are not built in a WYSIWYG ! Because of diversity of mail client (web based or not), professional templates are built on certain rules. Theses rules are so hard to keep with any WYSIWYG …
(9 ratings)
PriceUSD 7.00
Opt-in Traffic Service
Do you have a product or service to sell? Are you getting tired of promoting and getting nowhere? Are you interested in increasing your sales by 1000%? Are you sick of only getting counter offers in your inbox? You can use this system once EVERY DAY to reach well over 2.3 MILLION prospects TARGETED to receive business offers like yours.
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PriceUSD 34.50
Results 21-40 of 93