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YouTube Media (MP3) Converter script

. Converts YouTube video to MP3 in milliseconds, at qualities up to 320kbps . Leverages the power of FFmpeg to create crisp, clean, quality, video-to-MP3 conversions . Downloads YouTube videos directly to MP4, 3GP, FLV, and WEBM . Downloads/Converts encrypted YouTube (e.g., Vevo channel) videos . Enables audio preview via Integrated Music Player . Integrates YouTube Search (accepts search term, video page URL, or playlist URL) . Displays Top Vide...

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Radoslav Stoyanov

Muviko is a movie & video content management system.
Powerful, scalable and multi-purpose.
It has been built from the ground up to provide users with an excellent experience.
Uses can subscribe to watch your videos and earn you money.
You choose which of your videos require users to subscribe, and which are free.
You can also earn money from Ads.

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MP3 Downloader Script

Start your own MP3 Download Website with this great MP3 Downloader Script. Get traffic and earn Money with Ads. This is a full working MP3 Downloader PHP Script. Find Millions of Songs, Watch the Video and Download the Song as MP3 for free. We also include the Addthis sharing Tool. You can costumize many thinks like Titles, Description, Theme etc. This Script is absolutely legal because you dont have any mp3 or video files on your Server.

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Grab Media from Remote Web Pages with PHP 5

Presenting videos or pictures from remote websites is popular - it makes a lot of web pages more interesting, attractive or more instructive. The GrabMediaFactory class allows to maintain a lot of video and image types from remote domains as a package. Some sort of all in one solution for grabbing videos or images from remote web pages. Basically two components are responsible for that: A factory class (do the same but in different ways), which c...

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Having a large digital collection of movies can be frustrating. Put away that spreadsheet, web-based management is far more effective! It's portable and it's powerful (connected to your IMDB account). MyMoviesManager has a whole range of excellent features, and I should know. I designed MyMoviesManager for my own movies collection.

MyMoviesManager imports your movie collection and connects with your IMDB account to pull your rat...

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ViralZone – Home of Viral Images, Videos and Articles

Script-Folder “ViralZone” is an responsive script is blend of images, articles and videos designed using most attractive twitter-bootstrap. ScriptFolder – ViralZone also can be used as your personal image video and article sharing site. User friendly front end and back-end admin panel. SEO optimized script brings your website more traffic and helps to top rank in search engines. Lightweight script enhances fast loading of the website. Categ...

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Youtube Media Script

Youtube Media Script is a simple and powerful media script that lets you build your online media site in under a minute. It is powered by YouTube and it is fully automated so you don’t need to do anything. It features popular YouTube videos, channels and user profiles. You can also easily monetize this by adding your advertisement code.

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Mouse Media Script

Mouse Media Script provide you a quick and easy way to create an viral media site (with brief-popular named "gag site").

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NIS MEDIA is fully responsived media script for best users. It’s easy to install.

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Text to Speech Script

The Text to Speech Script takes text and converts into speech with a selection of 5 different accents. The script also stores speech as MP3 files for script performance. This version outputs speech in the following voices:

- American English Female
- Indian Female
- French Female
- Italian Female
- Swedish Female

Easy install PHP script - No database. Script documented for easy customiza...

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Fonts Site Script with 13,000 Bundled Fonts by

This PHP site script enables you to setup your own full fonts website script already pre-loaded with 13,000 free ttf fonts. Over 13,000 free fonts bundled with the script including all their original licence information. PHP5 driven site with easy setup and configuration. SEO friendly urls for search engines and meta information pre-loaded. Automatic font preview creation. Categorised fonts. Search pages. Ajax rating system for all fonts. Custom ...

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GCM is a multimedia content manager allowing you to upload and share a true « audio/visual-library » containing media : audio recordings, photos or images, video clips. The term « media » used in GCM refers to any audio, graphic, or video object.
Supported formats are :
- mp3 for audio
- gif, jpeg(jpg) and png for images
- flv(flash video) for video.

Media are gathered in albums. Albums are available...

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Plus IMDb Scrapper

Also on each movies you have trailers displayed automatically from YouTube.

Every movie page have Title & Description tags included for SEO purposes.

Movies are taken in the moment you search the movies in the Search Box, so if a visitor comes on your website and search for Mildred Pierce for example, if the movies wasn’t searched before, it will automatically grab it from IMDb, and store all the details, and after...

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Neo Youtube Plugin

Find advanced information about your video like thumbnails, user, keywords, rating and many more!

Generate embedded video code with just the URL, nothing else required

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Media Embed

This class can embed video and images from remote sites.

It takes the URL of a page in a remote site that may have images or video and sends HTTP requests to that site to retrieve details about that media like the title, description, size and thumbnail images.

The class can also generate HTML to embed the given remote site images or videos in the current site page.

Currently the class supports retri...

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PHP + FFMPEG video converter 2.0 Pro

Features Include:

- supported input files: 3gp, avi, mpg, mpeg, mpe4, mov, m4a, mj2, flv, wmv, mp3, ogg, webm

- converts to .flv, mp4, avi, wmv, mp3, ogg, webm

- custom audio & video quality

- custom video size

- calculate video duration in next format 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss)

- upload progress bar

- conversion progress bar and more...

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FFMPEG Ultimate

Some features include:

Make Fast forward preview of any video.

Extract an image from any part of video in any dimension

Add Audio to video

Join videos

Covert File to many formats and more...

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PHP + ffmpeg video converter


1. converts input video to several video formats including audio format mp3

2. calculate video duration in next format 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss)

3. takes picture from video

4. prevents uploading unsuported files before uploading is startet

5. user have an option to set quality of video/audio file

6.suported files:
input:3gp, avi, mpg, mpeg, mpe4...

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Smilies Databaes PHP Script

Smilie PHP script contains over 1800 smilies. This script offers an advanced and professional smilie website coded in PHP and Mysql for reliability, performance and speed. Smilies can be used on forums, chat programs such as MSN, Yahoo and AIM as well as sites such as MySpace. Users can directly copy and paste the appropriate BBCode, IMG code or HTML to add them to forums, sites and emails. Smilies can also be added through a powerful admin back ...

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YouTube Video Grabber & Downloader PHP Script

YouTube Video Grabber & Downloader is a script that will go out and retrieve video content from YouTube based on keyword provided. Integrated video player allows the user to search for vidoes from YouTube and play them using our script.

Users can download the video in FLV format!

Features Include:

* Video
* Title
* Author
* Title
* Rating
* Vie...

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