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Social Networking

Scripts for starting a social network site or services or adding social features to your site.
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Facebook Plugins and Dialogs class
The main advantage is to avoid having your plugins declarations everywhere in your projects. Instead you can have them all in one place, all defined in a structured and flexible class. Advantages - Centralize all your Facebook plugins and dialog declarations. - Avoid duplicate code. - Save time by having to update only the class file when Facebook make changes. - Use efficient and flexible functions. - Extremely easy to integrate into your existing projects.
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PriceUSD 5.00
SharePopular - The power of 750 million.
This MySQL/PHP system lets you easily add RSS feeds. The pages in these feeds will then be analysed with the Facebook API, showing the number of likes, shares and comments. Through an algorithm which is comparable to the ones of and, the trending pages are then shown on the frontpage. The system includes an advanced administration system in which you can easily: - Add, edit and delete RSS-feeds (only add the feed-url, the system does the analysis) - Add, edit and delete parent and subcategories The system updates itself automatically through cronjobs. Visitors can connect their Facebook accounts with the system in order to add and delete categories from their frontpage. This enables them to create a customized experience. The system also includes source-pages and topic pages. The ZIP-files includes an elaborate installation guide. You can install the system in 9 simple steps, which takes around 10 minutes.
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PriceUSD 99.00
Kwolla Lite Social Network
The Kwolla Social Network is perfect for businesses wishing to create their own private social network for their employees, fraternities or sororities to plan events, or any group of friends looking to hang out online. Kwolla is very themeable and modular. It uses and the Yahoo Reset for CSS . The other CSS behind the code is very well laid out. Kwolla uses jQuery and jQuery UI for it’s JavaScript framework.
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PriceUSD 25.00
My Lucky Today
What is the use of this application? It just displays the lucky day of facebook users. The more user uses your application, the more traffic you are getting. A very simple application to increase your traffic of website.
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PriceUSD 29.95
Facebook Photo Rating Application
*) Ajax based application *) Add unlimited photos from admin *) Every action will be posted on user's wall *) Facebook users can vote only one photo from two photos *) Fake Voting *) Good admin panel to control everything *) Unencrypted code *) Multi Language Support And much more. It is best addict-able application. You can attract all the facebook users from this application.
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PriceUSD 49.95
Twitter Fair Follow Script
Our unfollow script lets you easily unfollow people on Twitter that aren't following you back. Users sign in with Twitter and the system automatically fetches the users who are followed by they don't follow back. Script Features - Sign In with Twitter.Com Account - Earn Money by charging for featured users - Free / Premium users with daily unfollow limit - System fetches the list of your followers and friends - Then, in an organized way filters those who don't follow back - Users can choose which users from the returned list to Unfollow - Using jQuery for user-friendly interface - Fetching non-followers up to 100 at a time with AJAX - Ajax Unfollowing - And many more.. Admin Features There is no admin area for such a script as there's nothing to administrate. You simply receive payments via paypal for the featured users and you can keep tracking from there directly.
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PriceUSD 59.00
Twitter Grade and Profile Scoring
A PHP script that will determine your Twitter grade based on the general statistics of your profile! It's Free and easy to use, just enter your Twitter Username (no password required). Compare your grade against your friends and celebrities. Check out the "Top Scores"! Tweet your grade so that everyone knows!
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PriceUSD 14.00
Facebook Like Script
PHP script to allow you to create your own facebook like creating website. Users can create new likes, like existing likes directly from your website, submit photo likes and much more.
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PriceUSD 50.00
PG SocialBiz - Social network CMS
Open code. Full documentation for developers. Available for all devices (Web, iOS,Android): mobile phones , tablets, desktop. 365 days of updates and chat, telephone and email technical support. It is 100% reliable e. Launch in 1 hour after the purchase. You will save 12 months of your social network development from scratch if you purchase a ready made CMS PG SocialBiz. Reasonable price from 199 to 599 for a full package. Happy users of your social network according to satisfied CMS customers` experience.
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PriceUSD 199.00
MySpace Gig Parser is a PHP class thet parses the gig list from a given MySpace profile. Many bands use MySpace as their main band website where they post information on upcoming gigs and stuff. This PHP Class lets you fetch the giglist of any MySpace profile. It converts it into a easy readable PHP array, which can be used later on any other website. Alternatively, you can call the rss() method to get a valid RSS 2.0 feed of the gigs.
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PriceEUR 5.00
BlueSoft Social Networking CMS
The Social Networking CMS system was designed to connect communities. It is the all-in-one solution to creating a social network quick and easy. Features: * Full user profiles * Friends system * User photos * Messaging system * Profile and photo comments * AJAX live chat system * AJAX user search Perfect solution for: * Dating Websites * Social clubs & organizations * Schools The Social Network CMS is a fully featured community building solution packed with modules and features.
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PriceUSD 50.00
DZOIC Handshakes Professional (Professional Social Networking Script)
DZOIC Handshakes is the best solution for building your own social networking service, just like Friendster, Facebook or MySpace. Handshakes is fully customizable and easy to use. It is delivered together with 100% Open PHP, PSD and FLA sources giving you a full control over completely every part of the script. Key features: powerful admin console, install guide, facebook style wall, social bookmarking, tag clouds, profiles (admin can modify profile questions), audio and video blogging, voice and video messaging, audio and video comments, video chat, image voting, classifieds, events and calendar, clubs, music and videos, FLV and MP3 players, e-cards, forum, polls, bulletins, flash chat and instant messenger, address book import (supports Yahoo!, GMail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, MySpace), PayPal IPN support. If you are looking for an ideal social networking portal solution then you have just found it!
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PriceUSD 249.00
Facebook Connect PHP Toolkit
Facebook Connect PHP Toolkit is set of the most used Facebook UI features like Invite Friends, Stream Publish etc. wrapped as PHP classes which speed up development and make PHP application much easier to maintain and more independent on frequent changes in Facebook API. The toolkit is based on Facebook Graph API JavaScript SDK and XFBML. It is used for development Facebook Connect websites and Facebook iFrame applications.
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PriceUSD 35.00
MSN addys script
getaddys is a Ajax, PHP and MySQL driven user based site for users to securely post and share their email addys for popular IM's including Windows Live (MSN) and Yahoo. Site Features; Ajax based site SEO links Site features; Add/delete emails from the site (automated verification process) Edit addys Upload profile picture via webcam or image upload (site will auto. resize and crop) Admin panel (view site stats and listed users - verified or not ) IP Blocking / Banning Feature
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PriceGBP 50.00
Friendica - Social Communications Platform
Friendica is a "Facebook-like" (as opposed to "Twitter-like") social application which is distributed amongst cooperating servers, It has a very clean and straightforward interface that should be mostly familiar to seasoned social network users. You can establish relationships, share status, links, photos, videos, etc. with other Friendika members on other servers and also interact with friends on other social services such as Facebook, Twitter, StatusNet,, GNU-social, Diaspora, and even your email INBOX. Your social stream may contain members of any of these services in addition to content from blogs and RSS feeds. We have a huge list of features. Friendica is an active development project. If you are a developer, we could use your help to make Friendica the best and most secure social platform for the rapidly approaching social web revolution.
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Social Dating Website Script
Introducing you to the unique brand new community dating script, iFdate. With loads of great features, wonderful design, fab functions, your users will be able to create & customize their very own profile page, upload pictures, movies, music rate users, blogs, upgrade to premium tools and so much more, iFdate gives you the best performance on what a community site needs!
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PriceUSD 37.00
Famous People CMS
Famous People CMS is a must have in matters of content management systems! It is a wonderful platform for managing your very own database of celebrities. Do you have data about celebrities that you would like to store, sort, look through and so forth? Do you get frustrated by how difficult it is to handle that information without a proper content management system? Well, Famous People CMS is the ideal choice for you. It allows you to add, edit and even rate your celebrity information with great ease (timeline, short facts, photos, quotes, fans and so on). Famous People CMS is highly search engine optimized, and together with the design which comes with modern and stylish pages, will attract more visitors. Famous People CMS is available at
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PriceUSD 219.00
JomSocial - Social networking component for Joomla
JomSocial is a popular, feature-packed social networking component for Joomla. JomSocial features: * Customize profile fields as you wish. * Create, join and manage your groups. * Invite and connect with your friends via our buddy-system * Communicate with friends via private messages or post messages on user wall * Upload, share, manage and comment on photos and videos * See what your friends are doing in the Activity Stream * Integrate with 3rd party components with JomSocial's robust API * Manage and promote your events with JomSocial Event Management * and much more! Check our latest features here:
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PriceUSD 45.00
Social Lifestream
Social Lifestream is a social feed aggregator, which simply grabs your various social feeds and displays them chronologically.
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PriceUSD 8.00
tweet commander
It uses OAuth to connect to the API . You can use tweet commander to let you users sign in with an twitter account or if you want display some extended informations about your twitter account on your website. Tweet commander has an internal API wich act like a proxy to the twitter API . You can query the API via javascript to get i.e. the latest tweets or informations abour your account.
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PriceUSD 9.00
Results 121-140 of 168