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Average Member Rating: 2.77/5

Works Well So Far Reviewed by Geoff on Sun, 3rd September 2017

Rating: 3 - Average

PROS: I have been using this script for a few weeks now and all seems to function well. The user is looked after well with a clean interface for them to add links, surf the exchange and make purchases. You can translate the website into your language by editing the language file.

CONS: The admin panel does not give the admin complete control of the website listings which can make it hard to manage. The HTML/layout is part of the PHP scripting so modifying the layout requires editing the PHP code but you can modify the CSS files to change the colors. The admin panel looks tidy and is well organised but it is not user-friendly and the menu reloads and closes the currently selected option when saving options so it is very time-consuming to set up and configure the script at first.

CONCLUSION: Overall it is a good package but needs more work to be more administrator friendly.

Great product & support Reviewed by Tim on Sat, 15th August 2015

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I've bought this product 2 weeks ago and everything works perfect, I also got free updates and support, excellent job.

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