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File Management

iDC File Manager - Pro Plus Version

iDC File Manager - Pro Plus Version is a powerful multi-user web based system supporting unlimited user accounts allowing you to store, manage and distribute every format of digital media, including, documents, images, audio, video, publishing layouts, presentations and PDF files.

If your company has a requirement to distribute or share files with customers, suppliers, remote workers or just internally, then iDC File Manager is th...

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Client File Manager

Client File Manager is an excellent utility for websites/businesses that have clients who must routinely deliver them files. Some of these files can be large and really bog down a persons e-mail, plus they could wind up on your home computer, your lap top or work computer. Client File Manager allows you to have all these files stored and easy accessible in one place. Accessible from anywhere in the world an internet connection is available!

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DownCount is a stats system for regular file downloads. Package includes download stats, and easy administration. Users can be made to enter email address before downloading.

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FileProt is a simple to setup and use file protection script. What it does in a nutshell is not allow anyone coming from unauthorized places access to certain files on your webserver.

This allows you to specify not only unauthorized domains but also PAGES in your own domain. You can tell it to only allow file or image downloads from certain pages in your domain. You can block hotlinkers and bandwidth leeches completely.

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Perl File Indexer

The program indexes files on the hard drive (given a list of extensions to look for) and then lets the user search the list using incremental search. The file can then be opened/launched by pressing Enter in the search box (just like the 'j' aka Jump To File shortcut in WinAMP).

It requires additional packages to be installed beside the standard Active Perl installation (Win32::API, Win32::GUI, Win32::GUI::AdHoc and Win32::GUI::Lo...

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Upload Pro

Upload Pro with optional .htaccess protection is the most secure way for you and/or your clients to upload and share sensitive information or files. Includes a shared directory, password protection, membership registration, customer profile database, profile editing, request as much info as you like in custom sign up form, customize the admin section, folder for each member, activate/deactivate members, create groups, autoresponders, upload to to...

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Smart FTP

Unlike many FTP CGIs who only imitate an FTP server, SmartFTP really connects to any FTP in the world! It does not only display files on the same server the CGI is installed on, but opens a real FTP connection. It lets you view files and browse an FTP, all on your web site with your design (colors, links, ad banners, etc...). It even has the basic features of an FTP program, such as deleting, renaming, making new directories, and more. Plus, some...

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The Unlinker

A quick and dirty tool to scan obsolete htm/html files and their linked images or other files without the need of looking for them throughout the entire site.

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Free WebFTP

So far, only download functionality, but uploads and possibly other functions will hopefully be added soon, as well as some major optimizing. Uses customizable style sheet, which most other FTP scripts don't allow, making it easy to make it look good on your page. Feel free to email with any questions, comments, suggestions, or hate mail.

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@1 File Upload & Download Manager

You may define your own allowable file extensions. You may also use your own icons. Default pre-defined extensions are pdf, zip, jpg, gif, png, doc, xls, mdb, ppt, txt, rm, mov and wmv. Database can be categorized. You define your own categories. Maximum file size allowed can be specified. File sizes and record dates displayed in search results.

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Price: 49.95 General Description Document transloads files from the Internet to the specified FTP directory on your Internet Domain.

No password or transload service is necessary since the program runs on your own Domain.

Features auto-rename, multiple directories, identical file control, maximum file size, file extension control, logging...

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Hidden File Manager

HF Manager Pro is a full featured Perl script that allows you to create, view, edit and delete hidden files in any folder on your server. Includes an admin center and password protection.

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Easy File Manager

Easy File Manager is a package for files and folders managing on you site. This script supports the most popular file
operations. Upload, download, archive, e-mail, delete and create files and folders. Multilanguage support.

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winblast2unix is a handy script written in Perl for dealing with files/directories you import from a Windows partition or Windows-made disk. What it does:

- Translates all those pesky whitespaces and control characters in filenames and directories to the underscore character.

- Options include translation of accented characters to english ones or complete stripping of them.

- Executes a mass c...

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Upload Pro with ht protection

Upload Pro with optional .ht protection is the most secure way for you and/or your clients to upload and share sensitive information or files. Includes Basic Authentication, password protection, member sign up, customer profile database, edit profiles, request as much info as you like in custom sign up form, customize the admin section, folder for each member, activate/deactivate members, create groups, autoresponders and more quality time saving...

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A complete file management system, fully adjustable to your needs from a simple download list up to managing user access.
It is possible to create new files using free WYSIWYG html editors (FCKeditor or htmlarea), create and extract .zip files, download/upload one or multiple files, and other tasks you need to manage a website without FTP access.

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File System Manager

A file manager with many features. Using the 32+ customizable templates, it can integrate any site design into this script. FSM can do just about everything FTP can, and more.

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ffileman is a Web based file and directory manager. Features: You can edit, delete, rename, chmod and upload files; You can copy and move files and directories; You can zip and unzip files and directories; Multiple selection of files and directories; You can download files; You can create and delete directories; Each file is shown with a windows style file type icon; File sizes and permissions are listed as well; and Simultaneous upload of 8 file...

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EnB-FTP Prototype

EnBPro is a highly portable Perl-Tk gui FTP client that will work under a variety of operating systems, as well as over PPP, PPPoE, and Ethernet connections. Current functionality include: Upload, Download, Delete files, Make directory, Remove directory, Switch between ascii and binary transfer modes, Change Directory, and CDup (Move to parent directory). It includes a readme file with details and cursory instructions on use of the program. EnBPr...

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Mill Road Site Manager

Mill Road Site Manager is a CGI script that allows you to manage your website from any web browser. Features: Upload, edit, create, rename, delete webpages, File upload, Create and delete directories, and Web design customers can update portions of their webpages by directing the script to a single directory, protecting the rest of their site from being tampered with.

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