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Tournamatch (for phpBB)
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

PHP Powered Tournament and Ladder Addon


phpBB Post Notifier Module for 123 Flash Chat Software
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

FREE phpBB Post Notifier Module can help you to integrate your entire phpBB site all in one with 123 Flash Chat New Post Notifier Module.


WizardRSS phpBB Mod
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

WizardRSS makes phpBB autoposting a snap by automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns. Plus, it automatically turns all RSS feeds into full text!


Webcam photo webtool (+ phpBB plugin)
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Give your forum users the ability to add a webcam snapshot to their posts, with this easy-to-install phpBB plugin.


PHPBB Forum AutoPoster
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Pushes Yahoo Answer Question & Answers to PHPBB forum


phpBB text hit counter
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

A text hit counter for your phpBB3 forum


Class to help with PHPBB3 Integrations
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

A simple php class designed to help synch user bases with the PHPBB3 forum system with examples


Dropdown Menu for phpBB2
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Easy to install and configure drop down menu code for phpBB2. Dynamically populates with forums


Vertical Ranks UPDATED
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Adds vertical ranks to your forum


phpBB Stats System
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

This php script allows you to add your phpBB stats on any php page


phpBB Revenue Sharing MOD
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

An revenue sharing mod for phpBB that let's you share revenue from AdSense with your members.


(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

The complete phpBB!!


IP Address to Country, Region, City, ISP and domain name in PHP
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Enable lookup of country, region, city, ISP and domain name


Search Within FAQ for phpBB
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Search within the FAQ page of phpBB


Highlight All for phpBB
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Highlight all text in the message body with a click of a button


phpBB Google Sitemap Generator
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Google Sitemap Generator for phpBB Forums


Remove Quote Function From Guests for phpBB
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Simple and Better seo for your phpBB forum


Directory Search for phpBB
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Add link directory serach to your forums


Remove Signature From Guests for phpBB
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

signatures posted by members of your forum will appear invisible to users not logged in


Search Engine List for phpBB
(Plugins / phpBB Modules)

Displays a list of major search engines linking to your sites page results


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