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Crowd Vox - Review & Rating Script / Directory Script
A complete platform to create your own community review website which is not built for just programmers, anyone can use it with ease. With features like deals, events, responsive theme, module manager, content filters and several configurations you can customize your website upto your needs without writing a single line of code. You can charge your users for upgrading their listings by using Paid listing addon.Other important features are: N-level deep categories, Ad management, AJAX enabled - yet SEO friendly, Create your own content types, Specify custom fields for your content types, No extra $$ for branding, 4 pre-made themes, compare listings, Google rich snippets support, Facebook connect, Geo map. CrowdVox can be used as product review script, hotel review script, restaurant review script or business review script like yelp.com
(373 ratings)
PriceUSD 250.00
SmartMenus 6
One of the most advanced accessible list-based / CSS driven website menu scripts available worldwide. Simple-to-use and highly cross-browser. Top features - accessible to assistive technology (screen readers), search engine friendly, Section 508 compliant, completely CSS driven, endless number of submenu levels, all modern browsers fully supported, possible different style for each menu or menu item, full window size detection in all supported browsers, fast loading, looks and feels the same on all supported browsers. Successfully tested on Windows, Mac and Linux. Free for non-commercial use. Free unlimited in time support for all commercial users.
(372 ratings)
PriceEUR 39.90
Teaching Tool For Nursery Kids
This java applet randomly presents letters of the alphabet, digits (0 to 100 depending on your choice), different basic colors, and shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, ovals, circles etc., at an interval of time you can specify in seconds. It is useful and entertaining for nursery or pre school kids and helps in learning letters of the alphabet, numbers, different colors and shapes like rectangle, square, oval, circle, semicircle, triangle etc.
(372 ratings)
PC Security Audit
Firewall Test that checks browser security, popup blocking ability, security settings and spyware. Results are instant and includes detailed reports.
(363 ratings)
getID3() is a PHP script that extracts all information from MP3s and other multimedia formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AVI, MPEG-1 video, Windows Media (ASF / WMA / WMV), RealAudio & RealVideo, Monkey's Audio, Musepack / MPC, AIFF, AU, VOC, OptimFROG, WavPack, LPAC, MIDI, ZIP, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, and more! It parses info from these tags: ID3v1, ID3v2, Ogg Vorbis, Lyrics3 v1 & v2, RIFF (AVI, WAV, CD-audio, CART, BWF), APE, ReplayGain, PNG, GIF. It writes ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2, VorbisComment tags.
(362 ratings)
ClipShare 5.0 - Industry-Leading PHP Video Sharing Community Script (New Version Out Now!)
ClipShare 5.0 - New Version Out Now! With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate script for starting your highly profitable video sharing community website just like Youtube. The highly awaited ClipShare 5.0 has just been released, with a set of new features that makes it stand out of the crowd: fully Responsive Template, HD and mobile video conversion, Multi-Server System, Premium Memberships System, Games, Photo Galleries, Video Blogs, Mass Video Embedder, Lighttpd Streaming. Other features: Multi-Language System, With Over 25 Language Packs Available, Search Engine Optimized, Automatic Video Grabber, Comprehensive Administration Panel, Video Ads System, Improved Speed and Security. ClipShare is currently powering more than 10,000 video sites, focused on many niche markets, serving millions of videos. Clients include the mega-successful Godtube.com and FunnyOrDie.com
(361 ratings)
PriceUSD 169.00
Athena Asset Tracking Software
1st Resource for Free Tracking Software �IRM�. PHP based, using MySQL backend with cross platform capability. We bring you the resources to get Asset Tracking Done Right. Eliminate the paper trail mess, and move your hardware and software asset tracking online to this great new web based platform. Free information, free software, its what we do and love.
(360 ratings)
Quick.Forum - freeware and fast message board
Freeware, fast, simple, and multilingual message board. It is based on text files and features a search engine, categories, and filters. There is full administration for topics, answers, and categories. Forum topics are displayed in a single window with color differentiation between categories. Categories can be filtered on a per-user basis.
(359 ratings)
ASSP Enterprise Spam Filter
posted byjason4hockeyinPHP
The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project is an open source platform-independent SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists and Bayesian filtering to rid the planet of the blight of unsolicited email (UCE). UCE must be stopped at the SMTP server. Anti-spam tools must be adaptive to new spam and customized for each site's mail patterns. This free, easy-to-use tool works with any mail transport and achieves these goals requiring no operator intervention after the initial setup phase.
(354 ratings)
SuperCali Event Calendar
SuperCali is a free event calendar script that supports nested categories of events and multiple moderators, making it a good choice for organizations managing a large number of activities. SuperCali is designed to make data entry as easy and error-free as possible as well as provide a flexible, modular framework for displaying event information. SuperCali works with PHP and MySQL and is "open source" software released under the GNU General Public License.
(350 ratings)
PHP FormMail: Email Form Processor Pro
Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro will process all web forms on your site. The information your web site visitors fill in web forms will be sent to your specified email accounts and/or saved to a database, XML, PDF etc. Form Processor Pro is an excellent form mail solution for: feedback & inquiry forms; contact forms & order forms; both simple and complicated multiple-page forms. It is secure and spam-proof, featured with auto responder, preview, user friendly error messages and thank you page. Form Processor Pro supports: user attachments and database storing; IF condition & math calculations; 40+ field validations; 15+ input modifiers; html emails sending; export to TXT,CSV,XLS,PDF,ZIP; & much more features. Form Processor Pro finely works with payment gateways, multi page forms, logs, third party APIs. Moreover, with this form-to-email script you can process unlimited number of web forms. It has broad capabilities for customization. Over 20,000 happy clients. Give it a try!
(348 ratings)
PriceUSD 29.95
Post Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Tracking Software
Start your own affiliate program in minutes. More than 150+ shopping carts and payment processors are supported. Integration is super easy. Post Affiliate Pro is the most feature rich affiliate tracking software available. Highlighted Features: 1. Support for all types (fixed or %) of commissions (unlimited tiers, including recurring) 2. Text links, graphic banners, HTML banners, Popup/popunder banners, Banner rotators 3. Import/export of affiliates and transactions to/from Excel 4. Customisable email notifications, mass emails to affiliates 5. Flexible payout functions, set minimum balance, full payout history 6. Approve affiliates and sales. Automatic fraud protection 7. Performance rewards, signup bonus 8. Multi-language support 9. Extensive reports and statistics 10. Easy to use Integration Wizard and much much more.. More than 30,000 satisfied customers since 2004.
(348 ratings)
PriceUSD 29.00
Color And Font Chooser
The author writes "I used to face some difficulty in choosing background or foreground colors for my applications as the colors provided in java.awt.Color are too few. In the beginning I used to randomly select three integers for the constructor of Color class, apply it, and then see the effect. If not satisfied, then the integers had to be changed, the code compiled and run again to see the effect. After numerous trials I was able to get a color of my choice. To make things easier this applet was written. Of course, if one is using javax.swing package this applet is not required as a class for this very purpose is provided. But for awt buffs this applet would be of some help. Recently, I have also added the functionality of trying out different fonts too."
(345 ratings)
Esvon Classifieds
posted byhawkinGeneral
One-time investment into this software can bring in significant revenue in the long run. Responsive HTML5 template, SEO friendly, category specific listing fields - you can have property, automotive, personals, employment categories and more, all in one package ! Powerful modules system - you pay only for the features you need. Multiple payment gateways support (you can accept credit cards, Paypal, checks, cash orders, wire transfers at once). Major payment gateways built-in for automated payments processing (Authorize.Net, Paypal, 2Checkout, Worldpay), more can be added. Ability to charge for listing placements (category specific pricing supported), for listing extra options (Priority Ranking, Extra Visibility, Featuring) and for membership. Ability to have private sellers who pay per listing and dealers who pay monthly and can add as many listings as you allow. Full Unicode support, touch-friendly images management, outstanding performance
(343 ratings)
PriceUSD 549.00
conaito VoiceMail SDK - MP3 Recording Applet
The conaito VoiceMail SDK is a powerful solution for recording and sending voice messages from your websites to any existing Email client software. The recipient receives the usual Email message with a link to Mp3 audio file. He/she can download Mp3 file and listen to it using any existing Mp3 playback program or play it direct from server. The conaito VoiceMail SDK is compatible with Windows 98/2000/2003/ME/XP, MacOS and with cross Browser! Key features: Record, send by Email and play mp3 file direct from website (without any need for an additional player), Recording Level Indicator, NAT (Router) & Firewall friendly (upload recorded Mp3 with HTTP post), Comes with ready-to-run sample, Freely changeable Interface design, Supports multi-language environment, Works on the most popular web browsers and web server, Works with all kinds of Internet connections, Comes with valid Microsoft Authenticode Certificate, No Yearly/Monthly fee, Very easy to incorporate.
(342 ratings)
PriceUSD 299.00
posted byjsinfoinTrees
COOLjsTree is an advanced cross-browser JavaScript tree menu that provides with some unique features that are not to be found elsewhere. Easily adjustable and configurable from the control file it requires no programming knowledge from the user and can be integrated into the site in minutes. Almost every aspect of the tree you can build with this API can be modified and tuned. On-line structure builder further simplifies the process. Documentation and first class support from the vendor also provided. Besides free version there is also COOLjsTree PRO edition with even more features.
(342 ratings)
Sitelok can password protect and control access to html or PHP pages within your website. You can separate your site into members only areas and each user can be a member of multiple areas. New users can be added to Sitelok either manually via the Sitelok admin panel, via user registration forms,from a PHP script using the Sitelok API or via free payment plugins for Paypal, Stripe or 2CO. A users membership of an area can be set to expire after a fixed number of days or can be left open. Once setup making a page secure is simply a matter of adding a snippet to the top of the page. The Sitelok control panel provides an easy to use and powerful way to manage users and provides access to a log that stores each users access. You can also send template based email to one or more members (with multiple conditions) making Sitelok a powerful way to keep in touch. Everything the user sees is 100% customizable. We have a wide range of free and paid for add ons for the new plugin system too.
(341 ratings)
PriceUSD 39.95
posted byebspinChat Systems
jChatBox is a JSP Chat application (free for non-commercial sites). Server side is 100% JSP. Client side could be HTML/JavaScript, Applet or Flash. Moderator users can open and control multiples chatrooms. He/she can manage users (list, ban, kickoff), manage blacklist, generate transcripts, do backup, and apply chatrooms parameters such as max users, languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese), filters, etc. Users can run commands like /help, /time, /kick, etc. Chatrooms are easily customizable (skins), and can be extended by designers or programmers through the jChatBox API. jChatBox is ready to XML and also includes Applet and Flash5. Check out Add-Ons section for Smiley or Cersor Filters.
(340 ratings)
Simple Blog PHP - Cover Image
Simple Blog PHP
posted bynevenovinBlog
If you need a blog on your website, you're at the right place. Simple Blog PHP features: *Responsive; *One step install; *Copy/paste one line of code to insert the blog on your webpage; *User friendly admin panel; *Any language support; *Easy css style setup from the admin area; *CSS file for advanced users to modify the look of the script; *Text/html editor; *Images, youtube(vimeo) video could be added in the post content; *Lightboxing images; *Search box for posts - optional; *Option for placing different category on a separate page on the website; *Share buttons "FaceBook", "Twitter" etc...; *Date format in different languages; *List of banned words and banned IP addresses for the comments; *Time offset option in case webserver is not your time zone; *Option to approve comments before having them listed; *Delete comments in bulk; *Email notification for new comment; *Validated RSS Feed; *Latest PHP code standards; *Blog tags;
(339 ratings)
PriceUSD 64.99
EP-Dev Counter
posted bypatiekinCounters
EP-Dev is one the most option-packed counters on the internet. Online Visitors/Daily Visitors/Total Visitors/Total Hits counting. Both file and mysql databases supported. Easy-edit counter display file. Automatic Database Trimming (file & mysql). Configurable Online Time, Auto Archive Option, Hit Offset Feature, notation format (none/english/french), Graphical or Text, configurable Number Length, IP Ignore/block, hide counter option, time offset, and statistic viewing (averages, stats, graphs).
(334 ratings)
Results 221-240 of 1000