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Bitcoin Poker & Bingo Software

Start an online casino or add exciting mobile enabled games to your website. Complete with sample website and backoffice software. Highly customizable.

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ModenaCam - Adult Turnkey Flash Live Chat Software

Create your own video chat site within days using the world's most developed live chat script!

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ZebraShop Free Shopping Cart Platform

Create Your Online Store with Powerful E-commerce Platform for Free. No Transaction Fee.

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5 Star Rating System

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > Polls & Voting


This is very easy to use rating system for your web site, you can use this product so that users can vote for your products, music, videos, pictures or any other listings you have on your web site, so that the other users will know how good a certain listing is by the score (stars) and the number of votes.

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TNT Comments Script

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > Reviews & Ratings


This Comments Script will allow your visitors to post comments about your web site content, simply include a code line at the end of your pages and the comments will appear on that page.

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php Mailing List and Newsletter App

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > Mailing List Managers


PHP Mailing List is a robust mailing list application with a slick interface powered by jQuery. The email addresses are stored in a text file which effectively eliminates the need for a database. This application can handle thousands of email addresses and is ideal for sending text/HTML newsletters, email advertising or any other email marketing campaigns.

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Promoter - PHP Events Listings Script

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > Calendars


Promoter is a calendar based PHP script that you can install on your server to list your business or association events. It is lightweight, functional, and extremely easy to install and use. It comes with Google Maps and Street Views integration, includes a calendar widget and support categories, cities and tags with several other features.

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jQuery Pan Image Gallery

HotScripts > Scripts > JavaScript > Scripts & Programs > Image Effects > Slide Shows


This is a jQuery image gallery with multiple categories and zom-pan image effect. It has been designed to work across all screen sizes including desktop, tablets and even smartphones. Your visitors will be able to zoom in and out with pan support.

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Mini jQuery Image Gallery

HotScripts > Scripts > JavaScript > Scripts & Programs > Image Effects > Image Display


Fading XML jQuery Image Scroller Gallery & SlideShow.

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File Watch

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > File Manipulation > Utilities


This script monitors your website files for any changes. This includes modifications of newly created scripts. It does not prevent hacking, but alerts you quickly if any scripts are changed on your site. Such changes may indicate that your site has been compromised, and needs to be secured.

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Add Facebook login to your site

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > User Authentication


Easily add Facebook functionality to your website, allowing visitors access to your "members only" areas and functions using their Facebook account.NO MySQL database is required! Comes with free example code to help you get started!

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HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist

HotScripts > Scripts > HTML5 > Applications > Audio Players


HTML5 Audio Player with playlist is great for those who want to add interactivity to their website. The music player comes in three variations for you to choose from so it can fit perfectly in your site.

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HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > Web Traffic Analysis


So, you want to know more about your visitors and where they are coming from, where they are going on your site, and how many times they have visited. This PHP script will provide all that information and more. The script creates a polished user interface for displaying your IP visitor stats, and works with a number of IP location services available.

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Create Slick High Converting Online Forms in Minutes

HotScripts > Scripts > PHP > Scripts & Programs > Form Processors


AJAX Form Pro a professional multi-usage web form designed to improve the performance of your website by offering an interactive user experience for your readers that need to reach you

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WordPress Form Builder: AJAX Form Pro

HotScripts > Plugins > Wordpress Plugins > Form Processors


AJAX Form Pro WordPress Plugin - a professional multi-usage web form designed to improve the performance of your website by offering an interactive user experience for your readers that need to reach you, whether they need to send a feedback, share their opinion about your website, fill a survey or simply make a room reservation online.

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The 10 Best Programming Languages To Know For 2016

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