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ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsPortal Systems

phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management solution. All client output is valid XHTML 1.0 and meets the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative requirements. Currently features: blog posting, web page creation, bulletin board, version control and approval, form generator, user management with granulated item administration, calendar, rss feeds, user-customizable theme support and more.

Rated 4.18 out of 5

Views: 490,207

Added On: Wed, 7th February 2001

A Better Color Picker

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsMiscellaneous

Free HTML color picker palette JavaScript controls that make it easy for your visitors to fill out color value field(s) by selecting the color from a DHTML or PopUp Window color palette. Allow your visitors to enter a color value into a form field without overloading your pages with extraneous JavaScript code. Six different JavaScript generated color selection controls. Easy to manage, easy to install, and easy to setup JavaScript color picker input controls that will fit any need. Can be attached to any number of existing form fields. All JavaScript enabled browsers supported. Can use DHTML or regular PopUp Windows. Easy setup - no special programming skills required. All scripts are free for any applications. Easy to understand tutorials, sample code, and documentation included.

Rated 4.64 out of 5

Views: 4,142

Added On: Mon, 9th October 2006

PhotoPost PHP Photo Gallery (w/ vBulletin Integration)

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsImage Galleries

Installed by over 14,500 websites, PhotoPost is unlike any other gallery software out there. It looks great, is packed full of features, is easy to install, and includes top notch support. For the past 6 years, PhotoPost has been the standard by which all other galleries are measured. PhotoPost lets you and your users upload photos or multimedia files to public or private albums, with discussions. Includes multi-language support and a full featured user registration system with usergroup editing to set user diskspace limits and album access privileges. Template based, and includes color/style themes. Although no forum is required, PhotoPost integrates with vBulletin 3.x and 2.x, phpBB 2.0, UBB Threads v6, Invision Power Board 2.0, and DCForums, to achieve one unified login and user registration system. With VB or UBB, you can display your recent photo uploads and your photo galleries on your main forum index page, and PhotoPost has an extensive vBulletin 3.x integratio

Rated 3.30 out of 5

Views: 286,321

Added On: Thu, 4th July 2002

Biz Mail Form

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsForm Processors

Form Processing script that sends form data to two email addresses and a file in comma-delimited format. Includes personalized email autoresponse in plain text or HTML, with file attachments, easy installation, duplicate post removal, customizable and personalizable error/success pages, unlimited emails and data files with to/cc, sending through SMTP or Sendmail, and more. Now includes a Version just for Windows users.

Rated 4.52 out of 5

Views: 17,398

Added On: Wed, 28th August 2002

chumpsoft :: phpQuestionnaire

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsPolls & Voting

A comprehensive web-based survey builder with one-click install on any server with PHP and MySQL. Run unlimited multi-page surveys with unlimited questions and answers. You have complete control over the layout using CSS and templates. Avoid duplicates using IP Addresses, Cookies or even Verified Email Addresses. View survey results online or download them in CSV or XML format for use in your favorite programs. Multi-language support allows you to run separate surveys in different languages. Support page branching and skipping based on prior responses and cross-tabulation of results. You can also pre-fill hidden questions.

Rated 3.63 out of 5

Views: 44,320

Added On: Thu, 30th January 2003

Nephp Publisher Enterprise Edition

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsContent Management

A publishing suite with forum integration, NePublish Server is a solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. This version 4 includes all the features of NEPHP v3.0 Ent plus Enhanced category control, Enhanced article control, Forum control, Member control, and more.

Rated 4.86 out of 5

Views: 7,223

Added On: Tue, 15th October 2002

FormMail: secure, anti-spam form processor

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsForm Processors

Tectite FormMail captures the output from an HTML form and emails it to you. Spambots are now sending spam to website owners via their forms. You need a secure anti-spam form processor to keep out the junk. FormMail has many optional features including CSV database support, logging, pre-processing support (e.g. encryption), HTML templates, file uploads, checkboxes and multiple selection fields, auto-responding, derived fields, complex field validations, multi-page forms, ....... Extensive documentation is available on our website. Join our free Community Support forum. FormMail contains no known bugs or security flaws, and has a long history. Requires PHP 4.0.0 or later. You can download FormMail and use it completely free! Or, use our low-cost Configuration Wizard to get working forms in less than 3 minutes. Our new on-line Form Designer is available in the Configuration Wizard (low-cost, but not free).

Rated 4.59 out of 5

Views: 51,341

Added On: Thu, 1st January 2004

Ajax Chat

ScriptsAjaxScripts & Applications

Ajax Chat is a free customizable web chat software implemented in JavaScript (client side) and PHP (server side). JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object is used to fetch new data from the server. The script implements public and private chat; logging in as a register user or as a guest; smileys; etc. Ajax Chat can be integrated with a third-party membership system by implementing user authentication routine. The data is stored in a text file (no database needed).

Rated 4.23 out of 5

Views: 19,163

Added On: Mon, 11th February 2008

J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook)

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsGuestbooks

J.A.G. is just what it says: Another Guestbook. It requires PHP v4.1 or higher and MySQL. Features: runs in safe mode and with register_globals OFF; fast and secure code; webbased setup and configuration; nice customizable interface (3 sample styles incl.); smilies and ubb code; webmaster comments; IP logging and banning; Email, location and homepage fields; simple to use admin functionality; email notification with links to edit or delete messages; user FAQ; message preview; optional user edit; multiple language templates (English, German, French, Dutch and Danish included atm); online backup and restore function and much more.

Rated 4.44 out of 5

Views: 7,859

Added On: Fri, 17th January 2003


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsSite Navigation

Highly Configurable breadcrumbs script that takes your directory structure and does whatever you want with it!! Features: "Homepage Naming", "Symbol Separators", "Case Formatting", "Show Filename", "Hide File Extension", "Special Formatting", "Use Images", "Directory Aliasing", "Filename Aliasing", "Link If Index", "Use CSS Styles", "Replace Directory Underscores", "Hide Directory from Breadcrumb", "Link Filename", "Frameset Target", "Remove current directory link", Works with personal sites that use ~ in the URL

Rated 4.62 out of 5

Views: 25,927

Added On: Fri, 20th June 2003

Dragable web content script

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsMiscellaneous

This script gives you an easy way to make elements on your web page dragable. It makes it possible to drag and drop paragraphs, images or larger blocks by just assigning them to the css class "dragableElement".

Rated 4.65 out of 5

Views: 6,159

Added On: Thu, 12th January 2006

KTML for Dreamweaver

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsContent Management

KTML is an online HTML editor that helps you edit your website content directly in a browser. The editor loads fast and has an easy-to-use interface (similar to desktop editors). The latest version offers superior Word compatibility, a revolutionary Image Editor and XHTML 1.1 support. KTML has wide browser compatibility and supports most platforms (including MAC).

Rated 4.51 out of 5

Views: 7,264

Added On: Mon, 25th August 2003



Cross-browser and cross-platform DHTML menu, featuring keyboard shortcuts, CSS skins, unlimited menu depth, horizontal or vertical display, context menus, timeouts, cross-frames support and more! The menu is defined in plain (semantic) HTML as nested lists, as opposed to pure JavaScript setup that is used in most menus. This is friendly to search engines, has the advantage of being extremely easy to generate (even dynamically) and degrades even to non-JavaScript browsers.

Rated 4.52 out of 5

Views: 4,607

Added On: Thu, 30th September 2004

Drag and drop elements

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsMiscellaneous

This script let you drag elements to a set of predefined boxes. A useful script for web applications.

Rated 4.81 out of 5

Views: 7,182

Added On: Mon, 14th November 2005

csSearchPro :: Easy web based site search tool!

ScriptsCGI & PerlScripts & ProgramsSearchingSite Search

csSearchPro is a powerful web site search engine. Features: Include or Exclude different files based on their extension; An easy to use web based management screen; Fully automated installation; full page indexing for faster searches (ideal for large websites); Supports Unix as well as Windows; Improved ability to parse your web pages that contain server side includes; Customizable font, color, and size of the text in the search results; Custom templates for displaying search results; and Ability to have your affiliate sites remotely search your web site; Ability to have results open on the same page or in popup window; Can be set to search file names; Can be set to ignore BODY text when searching, and more.

Rated 4.47 out of 5

Views: 3,544

Added On: Tue, 10th July 2001


ScriptsJavaJSP & ServletsFile ManipulationDownload Systems

Download4J is JAVA component (Servlet + JavaBean) that allows to download files. This component could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application. You can download files from any Folder, ZIP archive or Database (Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, MS Access 2000). You can count and set a maximum limit for download hits. WWW Authentication (login/password) could be applied to each downloads. Configuration is done through an XML file. Content-Disposition parameter allows to

Rated 3.88 out of 5

Views: 6,279

Added On: Tue, 6th August 2002


ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsDiscussion Boards

Phorum is a little different from the other web based message boards out there. It was designed to meet different needs of different web sites while not sacrificing performance or features.

Rated 4.61 out of 5

Views: 144,454

Added On: Thu, 18th May 2000

Web Wiz Forums

ScriptsASPScripts & ComponentsDiscussion Boards

FREE ready to run discussion forum application featuring: Fast performance tuned engine, 100's of easy to setup generic features, AD FREE, Unlimited Forums, Sub Forums, Topics, Posts, Members, & Groups, New Chat Room, Mobile & Tablet Optimized View, WYSIWYG post editor, Private Messenger, Events Calendar, Topic Rating, Post Thanking, Spam Filter, web based setup/admin, RSS Feeds, skins, moderated posts, unlimited member groups, integrate with existing member base, ladder system, password protect forums, moderators, image/file/avatar upload, search facilities, animated emoticons, avatar gallery, members list, hot topics, powerful admin tools, language files, IP banning, high security, CAPTCHA, Windows Authentication, Friendly URL's, API's, and lots more. FREE SUPPORT!!

Rated 4.40 out of 5

Views: 72,813

Added On: Sat, 30th June 2001

Free PHP Star Rating System Script

ScriptsPHPScripts & ProgramsReviews & Ratings

Free Five Star Rating Script is database based script using php and javascript. FREE 5 Star Rating System that can be added in to any web page to rate articles, tutorials, photos and images. Database based script to rate your web page.Script displays the average of ratings on a scale of 1-5 Stars. No configurations required. Easy to install and use.The script checks for duplicate votes by checking the clients IP address. The script rating will be specific to web pages.

Rated 3.31 out of 5

Views: 8,147

Added On: Thu, 21st January 2010

Asgard Network Monitoring

ScriptsPHPTutorials & TipsNetworking

Network Monitoring, Critical To the Success of Every Enterprise, monitor every sever on your network, even link between nodes in your network. Network Monitoring is a Impressive addition to any enterprises success. Sample code, and network resources provided.

Rated 4.81 out of 5

Views: 5,495

Added On: Mon, 19th April 2004