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Most Popular Scripts | PHP

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Jetbox CMS
Jetbox CMS simple to use and has a professional intuitive interface. Its role based, has workflow , module orientated, XHTML comp., weblog and RSS, mailing list. It provides all the flexibilty to create a custom website for you client or for your personal use, without the standard Portal look and feel.
(2034 ratings)
TYPOlight Content Management Framework
TYPOlight is an Open Source Content Management Framework that specializes in accessible websites and is accessible itself (frontend and backend!). Its open API makes it possible to extend the system and to customize its functionality. TYPOlight uses XHTML and CSS to render pages meeting W3C requirements and provides a powerfull CSS engine to manage style sheets.
(1882 ratings)
singapore is a flexible and professional-looking image gallery that does not require a database. Available in over 20 languages from Bulgarian to Vietnamese, it is fully template-driven which allows an almost infinite variety of presentation styles. Thumbnails are automatically generated using GD or ImageMagick and cached for increased speed. While it features a fully fledged web-based administration interface supporting multiple users with gallery read and write permissions, it is equally possible to upload and delete images and galleries using nothing more than an FTP client. It produces standards compliant XHTML and CSS output.
(1803 ratings)
NePHP Publisher Enterprise Edition
NePublish Server is an ideal solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that are easy to install and manage.
(1760 ratings)
PriceUSD 99.00
posted byminNews Publishing
b2 is a set of scripts designed to ease the process of publishing news to your homepage, or weblog. It features add/edit/delete posts, a search function, post categories, readers' comments, lead-in, multi-user management (self-registration), bookmarklets and sidebars posting, GreyMatter and Blogger importer scripts, an XMLRPC interface (Blogger API), ping to (and, in-context preview, file/image upload, RSS syndication, and a templating system that makes it possible to output the data in any format (an online template/file editor is included). It also allows you to post entries via email. Requires PHP 4.0.5 and MySQL.
(1708 ratings)
Piwigo is a stable and mature open source photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers, since 2002. Easy to customize with plugins and themes. Features include FTP/HTML5/remote application uploaders, multiple size, watermark, mobile themes, mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), user/group, oAuth (Facebook connect, Google connect...), albums, tags, privacy, user comments, user upload, search, rating, EXIF/IPTC, calendar browsing, map browsing, pages, slideshow, email/RSS notification. Piwigo is available in 56 languages.
(1654 ratings)
miniBB ("mini bulletin board") is a branded free web forum software script written in PHP for creating an online virtual community, with the concept of using a few very simple elements to the maximum effect, which also affects its top performance, suitable interface, and extreme security. It includes the most common functions for any kind of an Internet forum and could be extended with a lot of high quality original add-ons, incl. the Mobile layout for smartphones. The code runs with on W3C compatible CSS- and HTML-templates, SEO-optimized with an addition of mod_rewrite incl. keywords-rich URLs, could support various databases (mySQL by default), translated in more than 40 languages. Integrates easily into your web site's layout and/or external membership. Qualified software support and service are provided straight by its author. The Compiler tool allows to embed the functions related to your forum only, by a click - NOW, you can build *your own* forum in a minute!..
(1589 ratings)
The Amazing Little Poll
The Amazing Little Poll is a very simple php Poll application. It uses a flat file to store voting scores. It's very easy to set up, and easy to customize. Cookies are used to prevent users from voting twice. Now around for almost 10 years with over 50.000 users. Multiple updates are also available - all for free!
(1457 ratings)
DotProject is a PHP web-based project management framework that includes modules for companies, projects, tasks (with Gantt charts), forums, files, calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, multi-language support, user/module permissions and themes. It is translated into more than 20 languages and has a modular design that allows extra modules (such as time sheets, and inventory) to be added in easily. A separate project - dotmods, has been set up as a repository for modules.
(1380 ratings)
posted byofficeinGuestbooks
phpBook is a PHP/MySQL guestbook program. Features: Nice interface; Fast and stable code; Language templates (english, german, italian, potuguese, french, dutch, swedish, chinese, japanese, danish, etc); Location templates (world, europe, belgium, etc); IP logging and banning; Browser logging; Pagebreak's; Smilie's database and help (over 90 included); Message security feature; URL-Code such as URL-Link's, URL-Picture's; Dirty word and long word filter; Flood-protection, Web-admin panel; Moderator comments; and e-mail notification. Includes a DB installation script.
(1345 ratings)
posted bymartininEducation
Moodle is a course management system for producing high-quality Internet-based courses that promote connected knowing and meaningful collaboration. This Open Source application offers a Free alternative to commercial software such as WebCT and Blackboard. Written in PHP, it runs on Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X or Netware 6, using MySQL or PostgreSQL. Courses are easily built up using activity modules such as forums, chat, journals, quizzes, surveys, assignments, resources, choices, glossaries, lessons and workshops. Moodle has native support for easily displaying multimedia including Flash, MP3, video etc. The interface can be used in over 70 native language translations. New languages, plug-in modules and CSS-based themes are being actively developed by a growing community. See our site for details.
(1318 ratings)
X-Cart, osCommerce and CubeCart Templates offer professional design for the most popular E-Commerce and CMS solutions like X-Cart, osCommerce, CubeCart, Litecommerce, Drupal and Xoops. All high quality templates come ready to install, with detailed installation instructions with no need for additional customization. We also provide template customization, custom design and professional installation service. Don't forget to check out our download section with 100% free Xoops, osCommerce, phpCoin and X-cart Templates for use on any personal or commercial website.
(1299 ratings)
posted bysupportinPersonals
AzDGDatingLite is a Free dating script working on PHP and MySQL. Multilanguage, 35 registering fields, 3 photos, quick/simple search, feedback with webmaster, who is online, statistics, Very customizable (Can add new genders (man, woman, couple), categories (seeking for and more), securely working on sessions (temporary cookies) and more...
(1265 ratings)
A PHP-based DKP solution to help guilds in EverQuest track guild members' attendence, item purchases and other statistics. Features templating, plugin support and supports various database abstraction layers, and many other features.
(1248 ratings)
Quick.Cms - free and simple to use CMS
Free, popular, simple to use and easy to modify CMS script. Minimal requirements: PHP 5.2 +, 2 MB disk space and 5 free minutes to install! Doesn't need MySQL or any changes in Apache. Users value it for its great Google results, its very good performance, compliance with many standards HTML 5, CSS3, RWD (mobile) and its good forums support. Its other important qualities are: easy modification of HTML and PHP, WYSIWYG editor, no unnecessary options, mobile version and most importantly it's still evolving for over 10 years.
(1226 ratings)
e107 is a website system written in PHP and mySQL. It installs a completely dynamic website on your server allowing you to create a interactive website with news and forums, which can all be edited via the secure administration backend. Plugins included with the install are chatbox, poll system, forum, RSS Feeds, headline retrieval, more are included and are ready to download on e107 is completely themable and the only limitation is your imagination. 13 themes are included with more to download at the many theme sites around. PHP 4.1+ is required, the system self installs after asking you a few simple questions and testing your server for compatibility. Code is XHTML Strict compliant, however third party themes/plugins may not be valid. Realtime support available in IRC channel #e107 on Also the support team are active in the forums on
(1211 ratings)
ScriptsMill Comments
It is a free php script that allows your users to add comments on certain pages of your website. It is very easy to install this script if your site uses SSI, PHP or ASP. You can customize formating and appearance of comments with a base knowledge of HTML. Script licensed under GPL, so you can modify it as you like.
(1195 ratings)
GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter
GeSHi is a Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP taking any sourcecode and highlighting it in XHTML and CSS. GeSHi's many features include: * Support for over 120 languages * Case-sensitive or insensitive highlighting * Auto-caps/non-caps of any keyword * Function to URL conversion * Line numbering * Use of CSS classes to massively reduce the amount of outputted code. * International character set support GeSHi's features are neatly wrapped up in an easy to use class and GeSHi comes with full documentation.
(1120 ratings)
posted bytklugeinWeb Search
phpSitemapNG creates a valid google sitemap that allows you to submit urls of your website at once to google. It can scan your filesystem and website for static and dynamic links and files, sets the approriate values of the sitemap, writes the resulting sitemap and submit the sitemap to google.
(1080 ratings)
Results 21-40 of 1000