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Practo Clone Script | Practo like App - Cover Image
Practo Clone Script | Practo like App
So, there has to be a solution for this, for patients who require medical care on a regular basis. It's none other than the Practo! Practo like app provides a virtual platform connecting the doctors and patients seamlessly. It allows patients to consult doctors without the need to physically visit hospitals. Looking at the current needs and demands for this kind of medical service, the healthcare market invites entrepreneurs to commence their business with Practo clone app solutions. In case you are wondering about the growth of the healthcare market, have a look at the stats given below. Figures That Talk Of Telemedicine Market According to data furnished by Ericsson's ConsumerLab, almost 60% of people prefer telemedicine platforms instead of physically visiting hospitals post covid pandemic. A US-based healthcare app named Teladoc Health has 43 million users accessing medical services through it. The Forrester research shows almost 1 billion online doctor visits this year. The National Health Service encourages online consultations. There are already 7000 general practitioners registered on the virtual platforms. A Chinese healthcare app, Ping An Good Doctor, is seeing 73,000 online doctor visits every day. All these facts and numbers affirm the market scope of the telemedicine business. This makes it the best time for entrepreneurs to set their foot in the healthcare industry with best-in-class solutions. Final Say, TurnkeyTown's well crafted Practo clone script will help you serve the best to patients in accessing health care assistance. For more details, reach out to us!
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PriceUSD 3,500.00
PHP Newsletter - Cover Image
PHP Newsletter
PHP Newsletter is our premier PHP Script. It is mobile friendly across all devices. It is very robust and gives you full control over your newsletters! Create multiple Templates. Add email addresses directly from the control panel. Add multiple Admins and assign rights to them. Edit user friendly end messages. You can upload images for use in the newsletter. SMTP Debug feature for checking problem email addresses. Add Attachments and send in either Plain text or HTML. As always it is double opt-in.
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Dashboard with CodeIgniter 3, Chart JS, Bootstrap, MariaDB and PHP 7.4 - Cover Image
Dashboard with CodeIgniter 3, Chart JS, Bootstrap, MariaDB and PHP 7.4
CodeIgniter is most valuable for Model-View-Controller Based System, Extremely Light Weight, Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms, Query Builder Database Support, Form and Data Validation, Security and XSS Filtering, Session Management, Email Sending Class and Cart Management. In this script CodeIgniter makes use of Chart JS, JQuery, MariaDB and Bootstrap. Chart JS offers a wide range of chart types as line, bar, doughnut, area and scale options as linear, logarithmic, time or scale. Also widgets as legend, tooltip, scriptable or progress bars are available. In this dashboard demo JQuery is integrated: Mainly the JQuery AJAX skills and Bootstrap modal forms are used to add, edit or delete the given data, which includes products, customers, orders, agenda, promotions, support and logs journal. The Charts can be installed easy: Similar to an AJAX interface the data can be supplied from PHP Classes or files. Several options as labels, data sets, box width, font color or background color offer different possibilities to manipulate the chart presentation. In this demo version email subscriptions are only simulated and claims, website, service are not attached.
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Login and Registration System - Cover Image
Login and Registration System
Login and Registration System is the best solution to offer registration services on your websites. You can use the registration form to register in a database, for example, to see content that is only available to registered users. You can also use the login form, the forgot password form, and the change your password form. The forms are very easy to use, you don’t need any coding experience, and we offer six months of free email support to help you.
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PriceUSD 15.00
Azizi SearchEngine - Cover Image
Azizi SearchEngine
A metasearch engine that gets Data from Only Google Free API, Or from multiple sources like BING and GOOGLE and others, or from its own database to produce its own results, with its own ranking/producing algorithms.
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Woot Clone Appp - Cover Image
Woot Clone Appp
One of the pinnacle business sectors is e-commerce business. Tryout Woot clone app, a e-commerce app solution from Appdupe. The app can be customized to match your business and users’ preferences. Right from features to the user interface we give freedom to customize the app.
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PriceUSD 2,999.00
BAZAAR- The Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce Lite - Cover Image
BAZAAR- The Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce Lite
Turn your Regular e-Commerce Site into multivendor(multi-vendor) eCommerce Marketplace:- We had compared ourself with multiple multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace like Dokan multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace, wcfm multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace, yith multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace, wc vendor multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace. So, we found that we came in top 5 multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace plugins, 10 best multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace plugins. Infact we worked to achieve the best experience and come in the most of the top multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace plugins. Or to achieve the best and number 1 multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace. Looking for the best way to convert your e-commerce to a multi vendor ecommerce website? By Using this amazing multivendor(multi vendor) plugin Bazaar you can convert your regular site into a multi vendor marketplace. Wann know anything about bazaar the multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace for woocommerce visit pour official website. Bazaar -The Multi Vendor Marketplace For WooCommerce is the most astute, advance, incredible, vigorous and cutting edge start to finish commercial center on WordPress, Powered by Woocommerce. We provide you the best way to make a perfect marketplace with awesome features. We make the full efforts to make it as simple as dokan and also tried to add amazing features like dokan, wcfm, yith and more than these plugins. It gives Vendors outstanding front-end Dashboard for live reports of their items, orders and income. Furthermore, for administrator territory there is additionally a dazzling Dashboard which permit you to watch out for your continuous store, Which will assist you with making your commercial center like shopify, amazon, flipkart and eBay soon after couple of snaps. We are here to provide the best multivendor(multi vendor) marketplace plugin or came in atleast top 5 multivendor(multi vendor) plugins. Our motto is to came in best 5 multivendor(multi vendor) plugins for woocommerce. To create an amazing e-commerce multi vendor marketplace you must have this amazing plugin. You can compare us with Dokan, Wc-vendors, Yith, Wcfm and much more. Key-Features:- Frontend Dashboard for Vendors Vendor have the separate dashboard by which it will be easy to access and modified with attractive UI (User Interface)& fully customizable. Complete View Of Orders & Sub-Orders With Functionalities Vendor as well as Admin both have a section of complete view of orders & sub-orders with all the functionalities. Light & Dark Theme Support Best way to make your plugin look awesome at different colors and scheme on single switch. Single Order Multiple Vendors Management Customer can order from different stores in a single order and it will be differentiate as per vendor products. Data Flow With Ajax All the searching, filtration, and sorting is available on a single click without loading the page with the use of Ajax. Numerous Commission You can set multiple type of commission for different vendors on different products & categories. Frontend Simple, Grouped & Variable Product Creation Vendor can directly create different types of products like Simple, Grouped & Variable from his/her dashboard. Shipping & Tax Management One can set the shipping and tax values from his end for the convenience of customers. Complete Withdraw System for Vendors Vendor have a particular section for his earning and withdrawals and he can also track it at every point. Separate Vendor Stores Every vendor have a separate store listed on the site by which it will be easy to know the products of the particular vendors and much more details. Order Notification Via Email It is the feature to send the mail on each and every order. Frontend Widgets This plugin provide multiple widgets that will enhance the functionalities and much more. Assign Products to Vendors Admin can assign different products to different vendors according to their circumstances. Customer Section Admin have a customer section where admin can get all the customer related details. Pro Features Extends Lite Version All the features of lite version carried forward and also can be modified. Major Categories For Products We provide the top and major categories which will be predefined and admin can create category at any point. Store Vendor Management Interface Admin consist a section for vendor store modification and management in which he can modify every this and vendor also have the same feature. Each & every report of all the sections All the reports are available for all the sales, orders, products, commission & much more. [Commissions, Earnings, Sales, Orders, Graphical & analytical Report] The best way to represent the report is Graphical & analytical report is available for both admin and vendor. Vendor Direct Sale Vendor can directly sell the products without the approval if the admin will pre-define it at the beginning. Announcement Section Admin can send the announcements of everything he want and it will be shown at vendor end. Generate Coupons It is possible with us to create a coupon for our customer satisfaction and discount purpose. Social Media Login The major key feature is that vendor & customers can login with your social media account. Module WPML Integration We welcome our foreign users with our multi-lingual feature. Plugin is fully translatable. Create Invoice & Packaging Slip You will get the feature of creating Invoice and Packing Slip with our plugin. Duplicate Product For Different Vendors Different Vendor can sell the same products without any problem in selling. Vendor & Product Review There is a review section that is possible for both vendor and products. It will be shown after admin confirmation. Store Support Section We provide a particular section for store support for our customer convenience. Seller/Vendor Verification We provide the perfect verification of seller by which it will be easy to trust your seller. Stripe Payment Connect Here you will get the support of Stripe Connect for easy and quick transaction. Ajax Live Search & Filtering Searching and filtering is possible without the page load on some clicks. Product Inquiry Here you will get all the inquiry related to the particular product. Geolocation & Mapping The feature of Geo-location & Mapping and mapping is possible with Google map & map-box API. Other Features Vendor Dashboard with Live Reports Vendor's dashboard also consist different report sections by which it will be easy to know all the activities. Vendor Controllable Store The whole store is controllable from the vendor end. CSV Export For Everything CSV export will provide all your data in csv format for your particular use. Processing & Accessing Data Through Ajax Each and every functionality is working with Ajax By which it will be easy to use and great interface. Interactive UI The best looking and interactive interface is available for both the end. All Controls Under Admin Admin can control each and every thing from his end. Single Load Multiple Action Dashboard All the different functionalities are working with ajax that will prevent to reloading the page again and again. Multiple Vendor in Order Customers can buy different products from different vendors in a single order. Status Tracking On Available Wallet Amount Vendor can track everything related to the wallet amount and withdrawals at every point. Seller's Store Listing All the seller's store is listed here at proper manner. Separate commission for each vendor Each vendor have seperate commission for seperate sale and order. Simple & Variable Product, Order Management Order management is possible for all the simple and variable products. Google map & mapbox Api The best mapping service is here with Google map & mapbox Api. Security Aspects We provide the best security aspects by which you will be safe in all manners.
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Websub reciprocal link manager PHP script - Cover Image
Websub reciprocal link manager PHP script
Websub link manager PHP script is a small but powerful tool that can easy be integrated in any website. This script allow users to place their site's link on your site, and in return, the user places a link on their site back to your site. Increase your site traffic with our automated link exchange!
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PriceUSD 20.00
Hybrid MLM Software - Network Marketing - Cover Image
Hybrid MLM Software - Network Marketing
Hybrid MLM Software is the #1 and trending MLM Software that has served its clients with the most sophisticated and customized MLM software. We have a team who worked for our client's needs at any time. We are directly focusing on customer satisfaction. We have a modularized and well-optimized dashboard system and some of our key features are our dashboards support different plans, supports multiple currency, and multiple languages. We offer a highly secured MLM software that perfectly fits your business and will give you assured support that is 24x7. Try our free demo and make your choice right now.
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PriceUSD 799.00
Online learning app like Coursera - Cover Image
Online learning app like Coursera
To launch a learning App like Coursera, get up-to-date with the leading clone script provider, AppDupe, offering scalable and elite clone scripts developed with cutting-edge features making your app accessible anywhere and anytime. With the team of experienced professionals in AppDupe, it helps your app reach a world audience in no time with its intuitive computer programme and allows your users to access the courses listed on the app quickly and simply.
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PriceUSD 1,999.00
Script Web Digital Booster Multi Site with Backoffice - Cover Image
Script Web Digital Booster Multi Site with Backoffice
RESOURCES This system has easy management of all textual fields and images presented on the platform. Every system is ready to serve the individual sales of a specific product, which will allow the customer, for life access, within the term stipulated in the product subscription plan. It is possible to send files to Cloud accounts and share the access link and password on the product added to the site. Thus, your end customer will be able to access this information as soon as he is able to do so. > _ HIGHLIGHTS: - IMAGE GALLERY, - FULLY MANAGED SYSTEM, - FOREIGN CURRENCY QUOTATION, - INFORMATION PANEL - 10 SKIN THEMES TO USE, - MULTI-SITE GENERATOR - INTERNAL MAILING IN CONTACT WITH CUSTOMERS - AND MUCH MORE... ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION With this web system you can: - Sell product from any niche * - Optimize SEO and Meta Data via Backoffice - Manage Currency values ​​according to your quote for sales² - Sell your Product to Other Countries - Integrate your Mercado Shops and your Product via Mercado Pago - Receive referral records and generate list in Excel - Manage Referrals by Allow or Deny participation - Manage Images of your Business and Product - Manage Description of your Business and Product - Manage Discount Coupons - Use Coupons for Referral Links as an Affiliate - Manage Google Recaptcha Invisible - Manage AMP ADDTHIS Social Media Share - Manage Twitch Live Streaming - Make Live Broadcasts to your Referred and Registered Assets - Create More than one Site with its link and an Exclusive Product - Manage Multiple Sites and Sell Multiple Products - Assign a different Skin Theme to each Generated Site - Add Admin members - Contact all your referrals in up to 5 different levels of service - Manage the entire platform # PHP 7.4 # MYSQL # GOOGLE RECAPTCHA INVISIBLE # BOOTSTRAP 5.0 NATIVE # JAVASCRIPT # JQUERY # AMP DESIGN # FULLY SUITABLE AND FAST FOR MOBILE NAVIGATION # SUPPORT MAILING
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PriceEUR 127.00
posted bytispinEducation
SYSTEM TO VIDEO TRANSMISSION ONLINE SUPER MANAGABLE SYSTEM TEC_SIS_EAD_01 RESOURCES This system has easy management of all textual fields and images presented on the platform. The entire system is ready to serve the individual sales of a specific subscription product, which will allow the customer access for life, within the term stipulated in the product plan. Both the client and the administrator manager will have the facility to manage their resources and enjoy the platform. HIGHLIGHTS BACKOFFICE ADMIN - IMAGE GALLERY, - FULLY MANAGED SYSTEM, - FOREIGN CURRENCY QUOTATION, - INFORMATION AND STATISTICS PANEL - SIGNATURE PRODUCTS MANAGER - STUDENT MANAGER - INTERNAL MAILING - AND MUCH MORE... ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION With this web system you can: - Sell product from any niche * - Optimize SEO and Meta Data via Manager - Manage Currency values according to your quote for sales - Sell your Product to Other Countries - Receive referral records and generate list in Excel - Manage Referrals by Allow or Deny participation - Manage Images of your Business and Product - Manage Description of your Business and Product - Manage Google Recaptcha Invisible - Manage AMP ADDTHIS Social Media Share - Manage Twitch Live Streaming - Make Live Broadcasts to your Referred and Registered Assets - Add Admin members - Contact all registered in up to 5 different levels of service - Manage the entire platform # PHP 7.4 # MYSQL # GOOGLE RECAPTCHA INVISIBLE # BOOTSTRAP 5.0 NATIVE # CAROUSEL SLIDER # JAVASCRIPT # JQUERY # AMP DESIGN # FULLY SUITABLE AND FAST FOR MOBILE NAVIGATION # SUPPORT MAILING
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PriceEUR 499.00
OnlyFans & Patreon Clone Script - Cover Image
OnlyFans & Patreon Clone Script
Run your platform where content creators get paid for their content by their supporters and fans. Both Tips & Subscriptions are enabled and you can get a commission from every transaction as a platform owner.
(7 ratings)
PriceUSD 89.00
Openclassify - Classified & Marketplace Platform PHP Script - Cover Image
Openclassify - Classified & Marketplace Platform PHP Script
posted byfatihalpinGeneral
Open source classified platform PHP script written with 2020 Tech Stack. Dozens of themes and extensions for every sector Features Include: - Mobile Ready. HTML5 Responsive Templates. - Unlimited categories/locations - SEO Friendly URLs - Twig Template System - Language Files for translation - Importer/Exporters - Payment Gateways - Backup Manager - Email Templates - Module/Plugin System
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Views529 - Business Directory Website Builder - Cover Image - Business Directory Website Builder
A feature-rich, self-hosted software solution for a directory website of any type. Can host businesses, classified ads, real estate listings, events, coupons and offers, articles, job postings, or a mix of listing types with separate category sets and membership plans. The automated invoicing, a large number of built-in payment gateways, and the ability to link a category to a form field or a membership plan along with a huge collection of configurable membership options expands your website advertising possibilities and motivates your listing owners to upgrade. Automated email notifications and built-in on-site leads management make your customers return and generate more revenue for you. The script is perfectly optimized for SEO and offers the ability to control meta tags for each page and listing, has the built-in snippets support for each listing type, and uses the latest SEO techniques for your directory and listings to be easily discoverable. Website theme management has never been easier. Feel the power of the built-in widget-based page editor that lets you quickly create and style your website pages. phpListings is modern, PHP 7.4+ compatible, mobile-friendly, secure, and reliable software with no hidden fees or monthly payments. Free lifetime usage and premium support are offered with each license.
(15 ratings)
PriceUSD 99.00
PHP Trusted Reviews - TrustPilot Clone - Cover Image
PHP Trusted Reviews - TrustPilot Clone
PHP Trusted reviews enables you to run a consumer reviews collection platform like TrustPilot.
(2 ratings)
PriceUSD 99.00
MyPHPAuction - Cover Image
posted bypiqinAuctions
MyPHPAuction is the original eBay clone script. Regularly updated and has many new security updates, just check our website for when it was updated last. More importantly, in addition to being one of the most featureful auction scripts, it has been tested stable and bug-free for nearly a decade which is why many auction scripts and auction sites have built upon it.
(9 ratings)
PriceUSD 199.99
AgoraCart - New Route 66 Version - Cover Image
AgoraCart - New Route 66 Version
New and Improved major release of the AgoraCart ecommerce platform. A full featured shopping cart system that is mobile ready and flexible for those needing more power and flexibility. Once your template is in place and customized as needed, store management can be done in the powerful online store managers. This is the first major update and release in 8+ years that improves every core code area and restructures the template & cart language/message systems. Features: Bootstrap CSS/JS framework support for rapid template development, new template widgets & dynamic placement, template editors, dedicated SSL/TLS and shared SSL support, image uploading, multiple sales taxes, online order management, UPS, FedEx, and USPS real-time shipping, unlimited custom shipping logic, handling fees, product options, flexible order forms, flatfile database with import/export functions, discount logic, static or dynamic product pages, product options editor, user fields for use in querying data and/or building dynamic pages, file updater/manager, and several real-time and manual payment options including SIM, PayPal IPN, NiftyPay, iTransact, and allows multiple payment options.
(72 ratings)
Results 21-38 of 38