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MLM Growth Platform - Cover Image
MLM Growth Platform
<h2>Compensation Plan Builder</h2> A compensation plan builder enables administrators to design, implement, and manage compensation plans for their network business. It includes the matrix/network settings, commission settings, bouns settings, rank settings, and promotions. <h2>Visual Genealogy</h2> Genealogy tree show the hierarchical structure of distributors and their relationships to each other within the organization. It provides a visual representation of the sponsor, their direct downlines, indirect downlines, sales records, bonuses, commission, packages purchased, etc. <h2>Workflow Automation</h2> By defining a set of rules and using our workflow editor, you can automate administrative tasks and take advantage of the preloaded automation scripts. The marketing automation tool helps to build a stream of autoresponders based on User interaction and activities. <h2>Promotional Tools</h2> The distributors have been provided with the necessary promotional tools such as a sign-up widget, a referral link generator, a personalized content creator, and creative media banners, which will enable them to promote their link, increase new sign-ups, and build their downline. <h2>AI Powered Training</h2> Training is the key module in the MLM Growth Platform. Our developers reengineered the coaching module by adding AI Tools. <h2>AI Powered Lead Generation</h2> Lead Generation Tools like Invite Users, Replicating websites, and Newsletter blasts are now using the power of AI. <h2>AI Powered Social Bot</h2> Using Social Bot, we leverage AI Technology to create content optimized for Social Media Platforms. This helps members in utilizing social media for recruiting. <h2>AI Powered Report Builder</h2> Utilize the AI Tools to generate the necessary reports. Simply ask our report bot and it will provide the report for you.
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PriceUSD 2,499.00
Cryptocurrency Exchange - Cover Image
Cryptocurrency Exchange
White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Full Source Code ( Git Repo) The white-label license of our software grants full access to source code, allowing for customization and modification to suit your needs. Save 1200 Hrs Development Time We have devoted effort to the development of an Order Book, trade algorithms, Fee Modules, Wallets, KYC Modules, and AML Solutions. Experienced Dev Team Our developers, with their product code experience and domain expertise, can provide code customization and new development works to add value to your team. Core Modules of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software User Management / AUTH Module The User Management / AUTH Module provides a comprehensive set of features to manage user accounts and their corresponding permissions. It allows for the creation of user groups, such as Users, Merchants and Admin, and the assignment of user roles and permissions to each group. Secure Login & Registration Authorization Via API / Auth Key Password Reset & Account Recovery User Profile Management & Settings User Management & Profiling User Activity Tracking & Reporting User Profile Management & Settings User Group (admin, merchant, user, guest) & Role Management (sub-admin ) User Access & Permissions Management Two Factor Authentication Rate Limiting Multi-currency / Wallet Management Our platform provides support for multiple fiat currencies as well as popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, Matic, and BCH. Additionally, we support ERC10 and ERC20 tokens. Support for multiple fiat currencies Support for Virtual Cash & Cold Wallet Support for popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, Polygon, and BCH Support for ERC10 tokens Support for ERC20 tokens Support for transaction tracking and verification Support for transaction fees and limits Support for automated payments and settlements Exchange Rate Management The cryptocurrency exchange rate is dynamically updated using the exchange rate API from CoinMarketCap and Binance, which keeps it in line with the current market rate. Furthermore, the rate is also based on real-time order book updates that allow for a more accurate representation of the market. Real-time pricing information for cryptocurrencies Detailed market data for cryptocurrency exchanges Automated Order Book updates Automated notifications for rate changes Interactive charts and graphs Option to set alerts for rate changes Historical data for cryptocurrency exchanges Currency Pair Management The administrator can manage the trading pairs from the master admin panel. They can add Crypto-Crypto, Crypto-Fiat, and Fiat-Crypto pairs, and can also set the fees, and minimum and maximum amounts for each pair. Currency Exchange / Trade: Ability to add, edit and remove Crypto-Crypto, Crypto-Fiat, and Fiat-Crypto currency pairs. Fee Settings: Ability to set fees for currency exchanges. Limitation Settings: Ability to set minimum and maximum amounts for currency exchanges. Buy / Sell Module The Buy/Sell Module is a fully automated system that allows you to configure the minimum and maximum buy amounts, fees, and admin wallets. Additionally, it has a feature that allows you to set maximum limits for the day so that your wallets do not get exhausted. Buy and Sell Order Automation Configurable Minimum Buy and Maximum Buy Configurable Fees, Fee Wallet and Admin Wallet Maximum Daily Limit Settings Real-Time Balance Updates Comprehensive Reports and Analytics Automated Email Notifications Secure Payment Processing Trade Module The trade module of our platform provides users with a Price Matching Algorithm that settles trades in real-time. This allows users to quickly sell or buy their assets at the price they have set. To ensure fairness and prevent market manipulation, there is also a setting to limit the asking price. Market Order: An order to buy or sell cryptocurrency at the best available current price in the market. Limit Order: An order to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a predetermined price or better. Stop Order: An order to buy or sell a cryptocurrency when the price reaches a certain level. Trading Bots: It automates trading decisions based on market conditions. Reporting: The process of tracking and reporting cryptocurrency transaction activity in accordance with applicable regulations. Order Book Our order book queue system makes it easy to track open orders by providing a visual representation of Price and Volume. It also ensures that the data is always up-to-date by using push notifications for automatic refreshing. Automated order processing: Automatically process orders and transactions with minimal manual intervention. Automated market-making: Keep your order book filled with automated market-making algorithms. Smart order routing: Route orders intelligently to ensure the best possible price. Auto-Cancellation: Cancel the order when the price is out of the current market range Push Notifications: The software uses push notifications to notify the matches Non-Core Modules of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software The Non-core modules are designed to provide customers with industry best practices and compliance while improving security and user experience. These modules provide the ability to control access to resources, protect data, and enforce policies, as well as monitor and audit user activity. Trade View Chart Our software uses the premium version of Trade View Chart which is essential in understanding trade patterns as it plots the graph in intervals of Minute, Hourly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. This helps in getting a comprehensive overview of the trade patterns over a period of time. KYC Module Our software comes with an in-built basic KYC module that collects identity, financial and address proof information from customers. This module can be tailored to meet the KYC requirements of different countries, or replaced by 3rd Party KYC Services, depending on the client’s needs. Anti Money Laundering (AML) In most countries, the government mandates the AML policy and AML Checks. AML can be achieved through integrating 3rd Party solutions. The selection of API is based on the client’s requirements. Our software is built as a decoupled modular structure to use any API. Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA) Two-factor authentication ensures security. In critical operations like sell, transfer, and withdraw it is mandatory to force 2FA. 2FA is also forced while account activities like changing passwords, bank address change, nominee changes and account info changes. We use Google Auth as 2FA Sevice. Escrow System An Escrow System can be developed for specific use cases to gain trust from users, eliminate fraud activities, and enforce better trade practices. Additionally, a rating system integrated with the Escrow System can enable users to make better decisions and improve user experience. Support Desk The in-built support desk ticketing system not only increases usability for the support team, but also makes it easier for them to handle queries and issues. Every ticket is assigned to the appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on its criticality, and the support team can resolve tickets with greater efficiency. Add-on Modules Our software is designed with an array of modules as add-on libraries to extend the core functions and accommodate a wide variety of use cases. Clients can choose the best-suited modules to fit their end product requirements. Each module is engineered with its own settings and admin controls to provide maximum flexibility and customization. Trade Bot Trade bots are automated software programs that are designed to simulate real-time trading based on predetermined rules and inputs. They help to keep the order book active by providing liquidity, as well as monitoring and analyzing market trends. This allows traders to take advantage of small price movements and capitalize on profitable opportunities. OTC Trading For small exchanges that do not have high trading volumes, liquidating large assets can be a challenge. This is because multiple trades have to be done to sell it off, resulting in loss of fees. An OTC Trading Plugin can help solve this problem by enabling the liquidation of such high volume assets in a single trade. Staking The staking module enables customers to increase their wallet balance by utilizing the Staking Pool to receive additional income in the form of staking rewards. This allows customers to maximize their earnings with minimal effort and no additional cost. P2P Exchanges Peer to Peer Crypto-Fiat exchange is one of the most popular applications of cryptocurrency. It enables users to trade a wide range of digital assets, from large to tiny values, in a secure and cost-effective manner. Additionally, it offers a convenient platform to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. Crypto Lending Crypto lending has become a popular feature in recent days, allowing users to lend their crypto assets and earn an additional income in the form of interest. This add-on module has been developed in crypto exchanges, providing users with an easy and secure way to benefit from their holdings without having to sell them. Referral Program Most exchanges offer a one-time fixed amount as a reward to users who refer a new user. However, a few exchanges go one step further and share the revenue generated from the fees of the referred user with the referrer. System/ Product Design Features Built with Laravel Laravel is one full featured developer friendly and secure Application Development framework in PHP Eco System. Ngnix Server We used Nginx as a Server. Nginx providers greater stability and higher performance. With Ubuntu 18.XX BitGo For enterprise implementation of Multi-signature wallets we used BitGo API and the BitGo Platform Services Powered with VueJS VueJS Components are used in the codebase to make better code readability and better user experience. NodeJs NodeJs has been used as developer environment and also as server to work with BlockChain Explorer and Ethereum. Google 2FA We implemented Google 2FA ( 2 Step Verification) making it easy for users to setup and use.
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PriceUSD 4,499.00
School Management Software - Cover Image
School Management Software
Transform Your School's Operations with GegoK12 - The Advanced Cloud-Based School Management Software Introduction: Unleashing the Power of Modern Technology in Education GegoK12 stands at the forefront of educational innovation, offering a comprehensive, cloud-based school management software designed to streamline school operations and enhance communication with parents and students through its intuitive mobile app. Key Features of GegoK12: Maximizing Efficiency and Communication Effortless Student Attendance Tracking GegoK12 simplifies attendance management with online check-ins, automatic notifications, and detailed reports, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of student presence. Advanced Grade Management System With GegoK12's robust grade book, monitoring student progress, assigning grades, and generating comprehensive reports becomes a seamless process. Centralized Student Record Storage Securely store and access all student information, including grades, attendance, contact details, health data, achievements, teacher remarks, and parent interactions in one central database. Enhanced Parent Communication Tools Foster better parent-school communication with GegoK12's messaging system, integrated calendar, and feedback mechanisms. Diverse Functionalities Catering to Every School's Needs Student Information Management Central repository for all student data, easily accessible by teachers, administrators, and parents. Classroom Management Tools Grade book management, lesson planning, and student behavior tracking for optimized classroom control. Communication and Collaboration Enhancement Facilitate smoother interaction among teachers, administrators, and parents with email, messaging, and file sharing capabilities. Comprehensive Accounting and Payroll Solutions Budgeting, payroll, and accounts payable tools tailored for efficient financial management in schools. Holistic HR Software Simplified recruiting, onboarding, and performance management processes for school staff. Alumni Engagement Platform Stay connected with alumni, organize events, and track donations to foster a strong community and support school initiatives. Extensive List of Modules/Features School Calendar and Event Management Classroom Record Keeping Library Management System Homework and Assignment Tracking Timetable Optimization Student Promotion Management Front Office Module for Reception Management Academic Year Tracking Comprehensive Student Information System Searchable Student Records Student Fee Management Disciplinary Record Keeping School Magazine and Journal Publishing Inventory Management for School Supplies Media Library for Educational Resources Exam Scheduling and Management Integrated Calendar for Event Syncing Notice Board for School Announcements Transport Management for School Buses Alumni Management System Data Export/Import for Student Information Teacher/Staff Record Management Effective Grading System and Report Card Generation Contact Us: Explore GegoK12 Today Discover how GegoK12 can revolutionize your school's management and communication. Contact us for more information and embrace the future of education.
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PriceUSD 799.00
Yebidy Job Board Software - Cover Image
Yebidy Job Board Software
Harness the power of the Yebidy Job Board software to streamline your recruitment process and connect with top talent. Our comprehensive and user-friendly job board software empowers recruiters and entrepreneurs to create robust job board websites or recruitment websites without breaking the bank. Comes packed with advanced features for both the recruiters and candidates such as personalised job recommendations, job alerts, saved searches, application tracking, CV builder, advanced candidate search, candidate segmentation, enhanced job description builder and dynamic job posting templates.
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MetaClone - Amazon Affiliate Computer Store Builder - Channeling the Success of Apple! - Cover Image
MetaClone - Amazon Affiliate Computer Store Builder - Channeling the Success of Apple!
Get ready to have your very own Computer Tech Store specializing in selling the hottest Tech products imaginable and the cherry on top: you'll be earning juicy commissions on every single sale courtesy of none other than the almighty Amazon - the undisputed champion of affiliate programs!
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PriceUSD 37.00
Php Business Directory Listing Script - Cover Image
Php Business Directory Listing Script
ClassifyGo Php Business Directory Listing Script is a business directory listing platform based on the Php 7.4+ PDO. This means that your directory can handle a large number of listings and users without compromising on speed or performance. Additionally, the script is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and branding. It is designed with high quality in mind so that it works on all devices. It will play a bigger role in expanding the scope of a business. For SEO friendly code implementation it will reach an abundance of people and for features and smoothness it will be most popular with your users.
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PriceUSD 59.00
Php Job Board Script - Cover Image
Php Job Board Script
ClassifyGo Job Board PHP Script is Premium Job Board PHP script with fully responsive, modern, flexible, initiative, creative design. Built to be beautiful, fast, and powerful. This ultimate ready-to-start job board web application is designed keeping in mind to be remarkable, conceptually designed, highly customizable, responsive, SEO-optimized theme with a plethora of options, while also being easy to use and easy to customize. One-click setup Users can easily set up this theme and easy to use and customized. Php Job Board Script - Features * Clean and Modern Design * Fully Responsive (also in Admin panel) * Built with PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3 * Filter & Sort Job Listings * Messaging System (With notification) * Featured Job Listings * Urgent Job Listings * Favorite Jobs (Add & Remove from List) * Frameworks: Php 7.4, Bootstrap, jQuery * Geo location supported * Multi Countries * Multi Currencies * Multilingual Support (English, French, Spanish and Arabic Included) * Companies listing + Companies page available * Jobs application with an external URL feature * Homepage Customization (Change and Order the Home Sections from the Admin panel) * Users, Roles and Permissions System (ACL) integrated in the Admin panel * PayPal Integrated * Stripe Integrated * Google Adsense integrated * Google Maps integrated * Turn ON/OFF Ads activation Option * Turn ON/OFF User account activation Option * Email Notifications (Using local SMTP or Php Mailer) * Resend Mail or SMS verification feature (Get more users with valid email or phone number) * Messaging System between Recruiters & Job Seekers (NOTE: Only Job Seekers can start the conversation) * CMS for Static pages (Create pages like: About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.) * Contact page (Contact form & Google maps) * Website Sitemap page * Google XML Sitemap * SEO optimized * Protecting the users phone number against crawler * Well commented code
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PriceUSD 59.00
Classified Ads Script Plus - Cover Image
Classified Ads Script Plus
Php Classfied Ads Script is a fully automated tool for those who willing to get started online classified business. Its an online platform that lets people search and post ads effortlessly. Categories range from sale items, jobs, pets, real estate, personals, services, vehicles and even for rent and communities. On one click, the user can easily set up. Its easy to use and customized. Buy this script and get started with your effortless business.
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PriceUSD 59.00
ChatGPT clone - Cover Image
ChatGPT clone
Build and deploy ChatGPT clones for your business to utilise the massive hype of Chatbot. We create Virtual Assistant to give business delicate AI conversational experience that is beyond excellence.
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PriceUSD 699.00
Results 41-60 of 537