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posted bytispinEducation
SYSTEM TO VIDEO TRANSMISSION ONLINE SUPER MANAGABLE SYSTEM TEC_SIS_EAD_01 RESOURCES This system has easy management of all textual fields and images presented on the platform. The entire system is ready to serve the individual sales of a specific subscription product, which will allow the customer access for life, within the term stipulated in the product plan. Both the client and the administrator manager will have the facility to manage their resources and enjoy the platform. HIGHLIGHTS BACKOFFICE ADMIN - IMAGE GALLERY, - FULLY MANAGED SYSTEM, - FOREIGN CURRENCY QUOTATION, - INFORMATION AND STATISTICS PANEL - SIGNATURE PRODUCTS MANAGER - STUDENT MANAGER - INTERNAL MAILING - AND MUCH MORE... ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION With this web system you can: - Sell product from any niche * - Optimize SEO and Meta Data via Manager - Manage Currency values according to your quote for sales - Sell your Product to Other Countries - Receive referral records and generate list in Excel - Manage Referrals by Allow or Deny participation - Manage Images of your Business and Product - Manage Description of your Business and Product - Manage Google Recaptcha Invisible - Manage AMP ADDTHIS Social Media Share - Manage Twitch Live Streaming - Make Live Broadcasts to your Referred and Registered Assets - Add Admin members - Contact all registered in up to 5 different levels of service - Manage the entire platform # PHP 7.4 # MYSQL # GOOGLE RECAPTCHA INVISIBLE # BOOTSTRAP 5.0 NATIVE # CAROUSEL SLIDER # JAVASCRIPT # JQUERY # AMP DESIGN # FULLY SUITABLE AND FAST FOR MOBILE NAVIGATION # SUPPORT MAILING
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PriceEUR 499.00
OnlyFans & Patreon Clone Script - Cover Image
OnlyFans & Patreon Clone Script
Run your platform where content creators get paid for their content by their supporters and fans. Both Tips & Subscriptions are enabled and you can get a commission from every transaction as a platform owner.
(7 ratings)
PriceUSD 89.00
Openclassify - Classified & Marketplace Platform PHP Script - Cover Image
Openclassify - Classified & Marketplace Platform PHP Script
posted byfatihalpinGeneral
Open source classified platform PHP script written with 2020 Tech Stack. Dozens of themes and extensions for every sector Features Include: - Mobile Ready. HTML5 Responsive Templates. - Unlimited categories/locations - SEO Friendly URLs - Twig Template System - Language Files for translation - Importer/Exporters - Payment Gateways - Backup Manager - Email Templates - Module/Plugin System
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Views529 - Business Directory Website Builder - Cover Image - Business Directory Website Builder
A feature-rich, self-hosted software solution for a directory website of any type. Can host businesses, classified ads, real estate listings, events, coupons and offers, articles, job postings, or a mix of listing types with separate category sets and membership plans. The automated invoicing, a large number of built-in payment gateways, and the ability to link a category to a form field or a membership plan along with a huge collection of configurable membership options expands your website advertising possibilities and motivates your listing owners to upgrade. Automated email notifications and built-in on-site leads management make your customers return and generate more revenue for you. The script is perfectly optimized for SEO and offers the ability to control meta tags for each page and listing, has the built-in snippets support for each listing type, and uses the latest SEO techniques for your directory and listings to be easily discoverable. Website theme management has never been easier. Feel the power of the built-in widget-based page editor that lets you quickly create and style your website pages. phpListings is modern, PHP 7.4+ compatible, mobile-friendly, secure, and reliable software with no hidden fees or monthly payments. Free lifetime usage and premium support are offered with each license.
(15 ratings)
PriceUSD 99.00
PHP Trusted Reviews - TrustPilot Clone - Cover Image
PHP Trusted Reviews - TrustPilot Clone
PHP Trusted reviews enables you to run a consumer reviews collection platform like TrustPilot.
(2 ratings)
PriceUSD 99.00
MyJSRealTimeClock - A Realtime Clock written in Javascript - Cover Image
MyJSRealTimeClock - A Realtime Clock written in Javascript
This javascript script shows the date and time of your local PC so don't matter if you live in U.S.A. or Italy because you will get always the current date and time according to your PC! There are four versions: latin1 italian and english; utf-8 italian and english. The real difference between latin1 and utf-8 is that utf-8 versions are internal coded as utf-8 document so accents or other kind of strings are not a problem anymore! It's safe and very nice and works fine everywhere!
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PriceEUR 7.00
MyPHPAuction - Cover Image
posted bypiqinAuctions
MyPHPAuction is the original eBay clone script. Regularly updated and has many new security updates, just check our website for when it was updated last. More importantly, in addition to being one of the most featureful auction scripts, it has been tested stable and bug-free for nearly a decade which is why many auction scripts and auction sites have built upon it.
(9 ratings)
PriceUSD 199.99
A71Rss-JS - RSS News with horizontal scrolling - Cover Image
A71Rss-JS - RSS News with horizontal scrolling
A71Rss is a script that read remote xml url and shows them in your website with a horizontal scrolling thanks to fake marquee done via javascript. It's quite simple and works on large system target: Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS(X). Supplied into the archive a screenshot and example for non traumatic integration into your web pages. It's highly recommended the use of iframe as in the example provided. The graphic look is nice and remembers rushing to TV news in the news.
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PriceEUR 15.00
PHP calendar with AJAX - Cover Image
PHP calendar with AJAX
This script is made of three parts: the calendar (basic PHP), two OOP Classes (one for the handling of agenda data, one for the handling of the complex agenda form) and the script for the AJAX-Requests and validation. Design and handling of the dynamic content are separated as it is usefull and loading problems are notified with a warning message. Calendar offers two features: actual day and day matching agenda entry. The entry form offers task, location, importance, status, date, start time, end time and a textarea for the task details (new: all-day, morning, noon, evening and night reservation). One of the main parts is the completely dynamic created form - offering several possibilities of manipulation. Among other things you can enable and disable certain input forms as you like: It can also be database driven. In the menu modus for example you have the full control over selected values. In total you have the control over ten form elements.
(27 ratings)
My Age - Update your age into your web page! - Cover Image
My Age - Update your age into your web page!
This JavaScript updates magically your age into your web pages and optionally allows you to set a message for your BirthDay! Within the archive there are two javascript (english version and italian version) but you can translate my_age_en.js into your language easy. There is only one string to translate!
(12 ratings)
PriceEUR 5.00
AgoraCart - New Route 66 Version - Cover Image
AgoraCart - New Route 66 Version
New and Improved major release of the AgoraCart ecommerce platform. A full featured shopping cart system that is mobile ready and flexible for those needing more power and flexibility. Once your template is in place and customized as needed, store management can be done in the powerful online store managers. This is the first major update and release in 8+ years that improves every core code area and restructures the template & cart language/message systems. Features: Bootstrap CSS/JS framework support for rapid template development, new template widgets & dynamic placement, template editors, dedicated SSL/TLS and shared SSL support, image uploading, multiple sales taxes, online order management, UPS, FedEx, and USPS real-time shipping, unlimited custom shipping logic, handling fees, product options, flexible order forms, flatfile database with import/export functions, discount logic, static or dynamic product pages, product options editor, user fields for use in querying data and/or building dynamic pages, file updater/manager, and several real-time and manual payment options including SIM, PayPal IPN, NiftyPay, iTransact, and allows multiple payment options.
(72 ratings)
Results 41-51 of 51